New Ethernet over Coax - Altronix eBridge Plus

By: Ethan Ace, Published on Oct 08, 2014

Altronix's original eBridge line pushed down prices of Ethernet over coax offering, useful for deploying IP cameras over existing coax / analog infrastructure.

Now Altronix has released the second generation of the eBridge line, simply named eBridge Plus.

In this note we take a look at this new line, comparing its features and prices to their previous and competitive EoC models to see how it stacks up.


*** ************ ** *** first offering of ********'* ****** ********************* ****. **** *********** supports ******** *** *** via **** *** ***** cables ** ** ****/**** respectively (*-** *** **** limit ** ******** ********). No ***** ***** ** required, **** *** ****** end **** ******* *** PoE. The ******** ********** *** *** support *** ** *** cable.

** *** ***** ***, Altronix *** ************,*****, ***** **** ********* ***** *********** (** ******* *** UTP ** ************ *****) to ******** ********. ***** receivers, **** *** ************, do *** ****** ** require ***** ** ***** own. *******, **** *** powered ** * *** switch ** *******, ***.*** (up ** ***) ** 802.3at (***) *********.******** ******* ***** **** of ***********(******) *** **** ** they **** **** ********, such ** **** *** interface ********** *** ***/*** battery ******, ***** *** not ****** ** ***********, *** *** ********* device *** ** ****.

**** **** ***** ******************** ******* *** ****** video ************ **** *** same ***** (*** ****).

*** ****** ******* **** duplex **/*** ********.

**** *******, ***** **** Altronix's *************, ***** *** layout *** ********** ** a ****************** ******* ******:

Competitive **********

* ****** ***************** ********* ******** *** transceiver, *** *************, ***** for *****~$*** ******. **** ** **** ********* than *** ***************, ***** **** *** under$*** ******. *******, **** ** inexpensive ******** ** **** competitors, **** ** ******** and******, ***** **** *** nearly ****** **** ***** per **** ($***-*** *** side). ******* ** *** yet ********* *** *** Altronix *****-******* *********.

*******, **** *********** (******* Veracity) ** *** ******* multi-channel *********, ********* ******** single ******* ***** ** be ****** ******** ** the **** *** ** order ** ****** **** than *** ******. *****-******* receivers **** ** ***** in ************** **** ****** ******* complexity *** ****** ** failure.


Comments (16)

I'd see this being more a competitor to NVT's EoC and T-Bus devices, which offers one-to-one and one-to-many multichannel options than Veracity. Agreed?

NVT EoC and T-Bus

I'd agree that there are other multi channel options out there, like NVT or Nitek's EtherStretch.

That being said, any mention of Ethernet over coax warrants comparison to Veracity, as they were one of the first to really market it in the security space, and still the first one mentioned any time it comes up.

Hi, do you know if this solution carries Audio (if mic is attached to the camera)


Ethan - have you guys run any test. We originally tested the Altronix (first gen) vs NVT on a project that had two cameras at a distance of about 500ft over RG59 video coax. Both worked but the NVT had a significantly better through put when we ran speed test. If I recall correctly, the NVT had 33 Mbps where as the Altronix had only 10 to 12 Mbps in my setup.

Hi Michael, we have not. We kicked around the idea of EoC testing, but let it slide when other things came up. Member interest also waned, so we never went through with it.

We have heard of similar problems, though.

it would be good if you could look at the NVT T-Bus solution and compare to Altronix.

We've installed dozens of these bridges, with no major issues. One failure out of the box, but other than that, theyve performed well so far. We obviously dont have any long term reliability information on them yet.

We installed about 12 of the Vigitron equivalent with Panasonic/Vigitron cameras about 18 months ago and have had no issues at all.
Vigitron Vi2401 over 250' (the longest) coax powering WV-SW316L and IP8361.
Didn't get to spec the job but the Vigitrons were easy to install and have lasted.

With the exception of running long network cables, I don't see how the cost of this kind of Ethernet over coaxial device would be cheaper than the labor and material cost of running new Cat5E Ethernet cables. Furthermore, these devices require additional electricity to run which increases the cost. Are these devices predominantly popular for running very long network cables?

Typically long or difficult. If you have a 50' run that can be easily yanked / replaced, better to just replace with cat cable.

This is examined in our Reusing Existing Coax Cabling (EoC) Tutorial

Thank you for the link to that comprehensive article John. That's excellent information and up to date too.

We have not used this generation, but the first gen was pretty much a failure for us. I have a reluctance to try anything with the EBridge label on it.

I would like to see throughput test on all of these solutions. There is a large disceptancy between what speed is supported and what is actually achived through a RG6 or RG59 cable.

Options like Altronix, NVT, Veracity, ComNet, Nitek.

Some altronix bridge devices are only 25mb throughput. Make sure you order the correct ones if you go down this road. They work great by the way :)

We had the altronix in and had to replace them with veracity because the speed was not enough for two cameras. a 5MP and a 2MP.

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