Aimetis NVR Appliance E3200 Examined

Published Mar 30, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this note, we examine Aimetis's new NVR Appliance - the E3200 series. This appliance extends the trend of VMS software providers offering appliances - including Milestone and Genetec. We examine the key features and pricing of the E3200 and conclude with a comparison to Milestone and Genetec.

The E3200 is a purpose built appliance (i.e., not an OEM from Dell or HP) that supports up to 16 IP cameras. The appliances come with Aimetis Standard VMS version and can be license upgraded to the Professional or Enterprise versions (that add enterprise management and video analytics, respectively). The appliance include I/O inputs and supports DIN-Rail mounting. It does not support analog inputs (i.e., it is not a Hybrid DVR/NVR).

The series has 2 base models and options to add aditional channels. The 4 channel model is $1895 MSRP and comes with 500 GB storage. The 8 channel model is $2,295 MSRP and comes with 1TB storage. Additional channels can be added for the normal IP camera license fees ($99 for standard, etc.) 1 enterprise license is included for video analytics. Each appliance can support a maximum of 2 video analytic channels.

In comparison to Milestone's NVR, the Aimetis offer is cheaper ($2,295 for 8 ch Aimetis vs $2,995 for 8 ch Milestone, includes analytics and is upgradeable to higher level VMS versions (Milestone is not - Essential VMS version only).

In comparison to Genetec's SV-1600 NVR, Aimetis is cheaper ($2,295 for 8 ch Aimetis vs ~$2,660 for 8 ch Genetec). Both allow for upgrading or use of higher end VMS versions. For analytics, Aimetis is easier as it is built in.

The biggest element, regardless of hardware, still remains preference in VMS software / functionality. Whether one is slightly less or more expensive, most purchases are likely to come down to overall preference for the VMS solution.