Aimetis LPR Offering Examined

Published Mar 30, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this note, we examine Aimetis's addition of LPR / ANPR. This functionality adds to Aimetis's existing suite of built in video analytics. Activating and using LPR will be similar to Aimetis's current analytics. Each channel of LPR requires an Enterprise VMS license and can be can be configured from within Aimetis analytic setup.

The LPR offering includes a built in license plate log linked to video snapshots of the license plate, searching capability and real-time alerting.

The OCR engine is OEM'ed from a third party but the module is embedded within Aimetis's VMS software allowing for transparent configuration. The LPR supports license / number plates from a variety of regions including Europe, Canada and the United States.

Like many LPR systems, Aimetis recommends a purpose built LPR camera for scenes with low light and fast moving vehicles. Additionally, the system can detect license plates with regular surveillance cameras with sufficient light (such as fixed parking scenarios).

The pricing of the LPR module is $5,000 for the first channel of LPR and $875 for each additional channel (this is simply the price of an Enterprise VMS license - similar to their other analytics). Additionally, a hardward dongle is required for licensing.