ADI Secretly Relabels Dahua

By John Honovich and Gurami Jamaspishvili, Published May 05, 2021, 09:13am EDT

ADI has started to secretly relabel Dahua with Huawei chips inside, IPVM has verified. Watch the 90-second video below to learn more:

ADI refused to confirm, alleging "this information is proprietary and competitively sensitive."

IPVM Image


This is a new line from ADI, called "Capture", as the ADI webpage screenshot shows:

IPVM Image

This Capture line is different from ADI's other in-house brand, "W-Box" which years ago used Hikvision but has, for the past few years, been relabelled from Sunell.

Dahua Background

Dahua has a bad cybersecurity track record and was US government banned in 2018 for cybersecurity risks.

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Dahua abuses human rights and was US government sanctioned in 2019 for such abuses.

And just this year, Dahuas's continued development and offering of "Uyghur warnings" to China police were exposed.

ADI Selling Low Priced Relabels

Despite this, ADI was happy to work with Dahua so they can sell cameras for $49.99.

IPVM Image

Proof of Relabelling

ADI's "Capture" Camera, on the left, looks just like a Dahua camera, on the right.

IPVM Image

We bought these ADI cameras and a recorder to verify ourselves.

They have the same web UI layout as Dahua.

Their MAC OUI addresses are registered to Dahua.

IPVM Image

Indeed, Dahua's own software detects ADI "Capture" cameras as Dahua cameras.

Huawei Proof

And when we tore down the Dahua made ADI recorder, it revealed a Huawei chip inside:

IPVM Image

But ADI is determined to hide this from the public.

ADI is America's largest security distributor, with billions in revenue, part of a publicly-traded company, Resideo, recently spun out of Honeywell.

ADI is putting America's cybersecurity at risk. ADI is supporting human rights abuses. Profits come before ethics at ADI. Be warned.

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