Add Your Preferred Camera Manufacturer to the Calculator

By John Honovich, Published Feb 03, 2016, 09:00am EST

One of the most popular features of our Camera Calculator is choosing specific models. Indeed, members select models for 80%+ of their calculations. And selecting the model helps significantly, as the map then shows what AoV the camera supports (plus equally important, what it does not) and what the IR range is specified to cover. Overviewed here:

Though we support over 40 manufacturers and more than 3,000 models, we have made it easier to add more (on the backend), as we regularly get requests for manufacturers or models not yet included. Indeed, in the past week, we have added Digital Watchdog, IDIS and FLIR FC cameras, to name a few.

Now, we will add any manufacturer / model as long as two pieces of information are provided:

These can be emailed to

Bonus: For the first 3 people who comment on the post, requesting new manufacturers or models, we will add 10 models each to show how quick this is.

Let us know if you have feedback, questions or requests.

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