7 New Retail Security / Surveillance Products

By Brian Rhodes, Published Jul 23, 2012, 08:00pm EDT

A number of promising new retail security and surveillance products are available. In this note, we summarize those products and provide references to our in-depth reviews of each.

IP Public View Monitors

public viewAnalog public view monitors suffer from low resolution cameras and limited integration with VMS systems. Now, IP Public View Monitors are being launched. Are these ready for prime time? Our new review on IP Public View Monitors investigates.

Covert / Movable Surveillance

stealthtrackerA new wireless camera thinks outside the box when it comes to retail surveillance. The manufacturer claims this product provides a myriad of benefits, from being covert to quick installation. We examine this camera, scrutinize the claims, and give a full overview of this unique product in our USS 'StealthTracker' camera report.

Booster Bags Solution

boosterbagThieves use foil lined 'booster bags' to steal millions of dollars in merchandise every year. Traditional electronic article surveillance systems fall short of detecting this huge threat, and the retail security market is scrambling to find an answer. In our 'Booster Bags Solution' report, we examine one vendor's suggested solution.


stopliftSweethearting is one of the most difficult theft activities to detect. In our 'Stoplift Examined' report, we research a video analytics-based offering that goes an extra step further in detecting the sweethearting problem. Is this provider on to something, or is this another example of a video analytics provider promising the world and landing with a clunk? Read our update and dig deeper.

Super EAS Tags

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waveDefeating EAS tags is startlingly easy. Despite confidence in their widespread use, a thief only needs to spend a few minutes online to discover how to overcome them. A new tag product by WG claims to add unprecedented security to EAS, and do it cheaply enough to be used in penny-conscious retail. Do these claims hold water? We dig into details in our 'Super EAS Tags' note.

IP Cash Drawer

IPcashdrawerWith 'Mobile POS' systems on the mind of retailers worldwide, one of the nagging problems is how to securely store cash when no central register is present. One of the world's largest cash drawer manufacturers has designed a product that features an ethernet controller built in to a standard drawer unit. Is this a novel solution to an emerging problem? See our 'IP Cash Drawer' review to find out.


scancamNot all loss prevention solutions are expensive. We saw this firsthand with 'ScanCam', a straightforward sweethearting detector that can be used with any video surveillance system. However, even though it is simple, is it effective? Check out the pros and cons in our 'Inexpensive Sweethearting Solution' note.

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