48MP Panoramic Camera (DW)

By John Honovich, Published Apr 14, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Resolution and options are going up.

DW is announcing a 48MP 180° panoramic camera.

In this note, we examine the features, pricing and positioning of this camera compared to other offerings, most notably Arecont.

48MP Overview

The 48MP camera combines 4 of the new 4K / 12MP imagers in a single unit, delivering a max frame of 15fps at the max resolution of 48MP (or 30fps with 32MP, i.e., quadruple 4K). It supports ONVIF, PoE+, and GigE.

It is not true WDR nor does it have integrated IR. There is no 360 version.

This product is coming from ISD, the camera startup they acquired in 2013. DW has an existing multi-imager but is handicapped by only providing a max 1080p output.


MSRP is not yet finalized but is estimated to be in the $3,000 to $4,000 range. DW has a traditional steep security dealer discount model.


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Beta testing is starting this month with general availability scheduled for Q3 2015.

Competitive Positioning

There is only one panoramic close to this resolution - the 2012 released Arecont 40MP. The main attraction is its high resolution, but its incredibly low 1.5fps spec and its extremely poor low light performance (from its old 10MP sensor) are significant downsides. On the pricing side, the street price of the Arecont 40MP is ~$2,000, which we anticipate to be moderately lower than DW's 48MP version.

The combination of much higher frame rates (actual video), better low light and higher resolution at a moderate premium makes the DW quite attractive. Also, it will appeal to the large numbers who want a non-Arecont alternative.

The other big question is whether more pixels are needed / valuable. In the outdoor 180 side, we do think it has significant benefits.

Compared to a convention HD / 12MP multi-imager, a 48MP unit covers 2.7 times the distance and over 7 times the area as this side by side modeling of one imager from a 12MP vs one from a 48MP shows.

If DW can demonstrate solid low light and WDR, the much higher resolution provided could be an attractive option for those looking to monitor wide open spaces.

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