DIGIOP Company Overview

•Published Apr 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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Digiop offers a line of hybrid DVR and NVRs. The most interesting differentiators about Digiop is (1) Dell provides the hardware and (2) ObjectVideo provides the analytics that runs inside of the DVR.

A common end user concern with traditional DVRs is that the DVR is non-standard hardware neither approved nor maintained in the standard structure for other computers. Since Dell is providing the hardware, end users have a greater degree of confidence and clarity in the source of the hardware (e.g., Digiiop is using mainstream Dell offerings such as the OptixPlex 760 and the Precision T3400). Equally importantly, customers receive a 3 year hardware warranty (including next business day parts) serviced by Dell. This also reduces the risk and complexity of servicing the hardware.

As for video analytics, Digiop pre-loads and integrates ObjectVideo's analytics on their DVRs.

For most of the higher end units, up to 4 channels of video analytics can be run on the DVR.


  • Hardware and hardware support is provided by a trusted, mainstream IT provider
  • Analytics are provided by a video analytics specialist (Object Video) rather than
  • simplistic video analytics that are often run inside of a DVR
  • Analytics can be run inside the DVR eliminating the need for special smart cameras or secondary servers
  • Offers full hybrid support allowing mix and match of IP and analog cameras
  • Supports a wide range of IP camera manufacturers
  • Pricing is quite competitive against mainstream DVRs (more expensive than Dedicated Micros but less expensive than many well-known incumbent DVRs)


  • Does not support centralized management
  • Does not support third party storage
  • Does not support software only

Digiop reports that all 3 features are on their 2009 roadmap.