Avocado Company Overview

Published Apr 26, 2009 00:00 AM
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Avocado is a startup claiming to do a combination of video analytics, Software as a Service and Business Intelligence. They have been around for a few years but recently started a new marketing push. A few months ago, I researched and did an interview with Avocado. I think the company is significantly misrepresenting their abilities. Please be careful about partnering, selling or using this product. It's conceptually appealing because they claim to have put together all the buzzwords in the industry but the company was completely incapable of describing how they were able to make it work. A key example is their claimed 'universal compatibility with 3rd party systems' (described in a Frost 'movers and shakers' piece). They claim to work with any DVR including citing by name many of the industry leaders. I checked with multiple DVR companies and none verified any integrations. Anyone who knows how VMS technology works knows that universal compatibility is impossible in today's industry. There were other red flags.

[Update 2012: We have heard nothing about or from the company in years.]