DVTel TruWitness Overview

•Published Apr 02, 2012 00:00 AM
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Originally announced in limited release as part of its Latitude NVMS version 6.2, DVTel has officially released the TruWitness mobile application [link no longer available]. This app, separate from their DVTel Mobile application, allows Android smartphones to be used as mobile surveillance cameras, viewed and recorded by Latitude. In this note, we overview the features and pricing of TruWitness.


Video transmission from the Android device is initiated by the mobile user, not by a Latitude operator, preventing potential privacy issues with video being remotely activated when the user is not expecting. Video may be transmitted via Wi-Fi or cellular data connections, depending on what is available. Both MJPEG and H.264 streams are supported, with resolution and bitrate configurable, to accommodate varying bandwidth levels.

TruWitness is available now, as a free download from the Android Market, but mobile devices added via the app will require a camera connection license ($250-300 per camera). Additionally, DVTel is evaluating license packs for larger users with multiple devices, possibly reducing connection license cost.

Users may see our coverage of the original announcement, along with Milestone's pre-announcement of mobile surveillance functionality in XProtect Mobile, for more information.


The following video, shot live in the DVTel booth at ISC West, demonstrates using a smartphone as a surveillance camera with the DVTel system: