Aimetis Edge Recording Reviewed

Published Mar 26, 2012 00:00 AM
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Continuing the trend of edge recording, Aimetis has announced support for this in version 6.10 of their Symphony VMS software, allowing cameras to write to on-board storage or NAS drives when the connection to the server is interrupted. In this note, we will overview this feature and compare to other edge storage options from Milestone, Genetec, and Exacq.


Key technical details of Aimetis' edge recording support:

  • Edge storage is supported only on Axis camera models, writing either to local SD card or NAS.
  • Users configure edge storage directly via the camera's web interface.
  • When the camera is added to Aimetis Symphony, edge storage settings are automatically detected.
  • In the case of network or server loss, Symphony seeks missing video from the camera, automatically importing video stored during the interruption.
  • This feature is supported across all versions of Symphony (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise).
  • Edge storage is used for failover recording only, with no options to use local or NAS storage for long-term retention. 

Aimetis Symphony 6.10 is available now. pricing begins at $99 USD MSRP for Symphony Standard.

Competitive Comparison

The closest comparison to this feature is Milestone's edge recording support, found in XProtect Corporate, also used for failover only. Unlike Milestone, however, Aimetis supports this feature across the entire Symphony line, making it useful for smaller, less costly installations, as well. However, Milestone lists support for both Sony and Axis.

Compared to other VMSs featuring edge recording, Genetec is more flexible offering both redundancy and permanent recording, while Exacq offers only permanent recording but no redundancy.