Successful PSIM Deployments

•Published May 14, 2009 00:00 AM
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This week, Vidsys released a video examining successful PSIM Deployments. It's an interesting webcast to watch. The two key themes were (1) cities and very large companies are using PSIM and (2) PSIM has advantages over using access control for situation management.

[Update: webcast video has been removed.]

Vidsys explicitly stated that they were disproving the myth that 'no ones uses PSIM.' I am not sure who believe no one uses PSIM. Besides that, it's not a good sign when you need to spend marketing dollars trying to convince your audience that someone actually uses your product. More disconcerting was the examples of who they cited is using/interested in PSIM (the 4 largest US cities, the 25 largest Silicon Valley companies). This reinforces my long standing concern - only really large organizations will use PSIM. This implies that the market is small and unlikely to provide returns for the tens of millions invested in these companies.

It would be great to see a PSIM for the mid-market but I do not see it so far.