'$20 If You Come To Our Booth'

By Carlton Purvis, Published Sep 13, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Does $20 just for coming by a booth sound like a good trade to you? Here's one of the most clever pre-ASIS marketing campaigns we have seen so far. 

Viscount Systems is asking people to swing by their booth in exchange for a $20 food voucher.  Was there a presentation they would have to sit through to get the voucher? "Oh, hell no," said Viscount CEO Steven Pineau.

"People can just come by the booth if they want. This is just something we do when we go to trade shows." 

The email for the campaign, “Nobody Gets a Free Lunch, unless you are at ASIS 2013,” looks like this:

[link no longer available]

So far there have been about 50 sign-ups for 300 available vouchers. "It doesn't attract a lot of the guys working for the big companies, but the integrators like to come by," he said. 

On the sign-up page [link no longer available], getting their product pitch is framed as more of a suggestion: “You should listen to our Freedom and Liberty Access Control Story. You will be astounded as to how you can save money deploying state of the art technology,” it says. 

It's a clever marketing plan. They get the email addresses and contact information for 300 people whether or not they decide to stop by the booth. The incentive for attendees is $20 worth of food, and all they have to do is show up. They don't have to sit through a pitch they may or may not be interested in. 

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