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IPVM is the only place where manufacturers get competitive intel that is 100% independent of sponsorships and advertisements...

...even industry giants such as Axis, Avigilon, Dahua and Hikvision are fair game.


It’s timely industry-specific information you can trust…

Competitor Insights

Stay on top of the security products and services your competitors are launching and see how our 10,000+ integrator, distributor, sales, manufacturer, and end user members are reacting.

Market Trends

We do the research and write the reports that help you understand and capitalize on trends such as Chinese expansion, 4K, H.265, HD analog, new innovations and more.

Breaking Stories

Get in-depth industry reports written by IPVM staff on scandals, key hires and fires, mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits and more. Recently, our members learned the in-depth about Hikvision's government control.


“IPVM gives unbiased insight into the key players of the IP Security market --where they stand and what is missing. As a manufacturer, it helps us understand where we need to improve ourselves and how we can do better.”  - Manufacturer CEO


 Do you want to know...

  • How your competitors are performing and how they’re perceived by the market?
  • Who your competition is hiring and firing and the impact it will have on your company?
  • What breaking news specific to your industry everyone is talking about?
  • Who is talking negatively about your company or products so that you can improve?
  • How your products compare to your competitions’?
  • What integrators and end-users actually think about your cameras, recorders or systems?
  • What your customers are willing to pay for if only you’d offer it?
  • How to capitalize on emerging trends before everyone else?...


This is how we answer these questions for IPVM members…


Comparative tests & reports

Uncover how cameras actually perform with our time-intensive comparative camera tests, done in controlled environments, followed by a no holds barred report on the results. 

Articles written by experts

IPVM’s staff write articles that take you through new product releases, companies that are getting funded, relevant market trends, and dozens of other topics manufacturers care about. 

All of your news in one place

Get the surveillance news and info that is most important to you from around the internet without leaving IPVM. Our News Spider crawls the internet and delivers resources that match your custom filters.

Breaking news to your inbox

Get industry news, developments, and gossip that’s too good to wait directly to your inbox. Whether it’s a product from a major manufacturer falling flat or Hikvision’s hacking scandal, you’ll get the best information -- first.

Understand your customers

See what thousands of integrators, sales reps, and end-users have to say about your products, your competitors’ products, and what they need/want the most right now, in our active discussion forums.  

Compare thousands of cameras

Search our database of thousands of cameras using dozens of camera specs, and then extract the important similarities and differences between them with the click of a button.

Resources your customers love

Access the same IPVM member resources that integrators, sales reps, and end users rely on. You will better understand your buyer’s needs, wants, knowledge gaps, and more.


And all of this isn’t even the #1 reason manufacturers join IPVM…

The fact that everyone else is here is the #1 reason manufacturers join IPVM…

  1. Manufacturers both big and small keep tabs on their competition. New products, important industry developments, and industry gossip never go unnoticed.

  1. Integrators are recommending cameras (yours and your competition’s), sharing their positive and negative experiences with manufacturers, and talking about what they’d pay money for if only you’d make it.

  1. End users are here discussing yours and your competition’s products and services and the outcome of their projects with integrators.

It’s a goldmine of competitive and customer insights. Joining IPVM ensures you are part of the discussions about you and your competition that happen here every single day -- with or without you. 

“I read IPVM mostly because of who ELSE reads and comments on IPVM. The value is in being in a place where the movers and shakers are. That said, the technical content is also very good, but secondary to the fact that it is the IN site.”   - Manufacturer CEO 

Be where 10,000+ of your competitors, customers and prospects already are…

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These guides contain 700 pages of up-to-date 2018 information and education -- information that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Get them free with your membership.


 Still unsure if IPVM is right for you?

Get an in-depth look at everything we have to offer manufacturers below…


Comparative tests & reports

These tests are, without a doubt, the most comprehensive video surveillance tests you’re going to find anywhere. It’s a great way to keep your eye on your current competition and the up and comers. These tests contain video screencasts, image quality comparisons, and breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses.

Fast facts:

  • 500+ tests completed to date -- more added every week.

  • Unlike other tests, our tests are comparative. It’s not just how a product performs -- it’s how it performs compared to viable alternatives.

  • Tests are actually reliable -- they are carefully controlled experiments, we report our method, and they are never sponsored.

  • Tests and reports are followed by in-depth analysis and discussion from our knowledgeable members -- a gold mine for user research.

  • Each test and report takes 50-100+ hours to complete.

  • Every member has unrestricted and unlimited access to every report. It’s all included in your membership fee.


Video screencasts

Here, we walk you through Axis' camera monitoring app in a 4:28 video:

Image quality comparisons

This image is one of over a dozen documenting the performance of 3 well-known surveillance cameras from Axis, Arecont, and Sony. We compared performance in low-light conditions by capturing new images every hour starting 1-hour before sunset and ending 1-hour after sunrise.

Titles of recent tests that you would get access to:

  1. "Avigilon HD Multisensor Camera Tested"

  2. "4MP Shootout: Dahua vs Hikvision" 

  3. "Scout DIY Home Security Tested"

  4. "Axis 33MP Camera Tested (Q3709)"

  5. "Angelcam Cloud Video Tested"


Manufacturers have this to say about our comparative tests and reports:

“We read IPVM for better end-user feedback and understanding. Also, the test results done in addition to the tests help us understand how we can improve our products and services.”

“I love the testing, the effort that has been put into place to create consistent testing models,  and how this allows for like-testing of various devices/services.” 

“IPVM tests help us see what competitors are doing and how their products stack up.”

“You do a great job reviewing products and conducting comparison tests.”

“Outstanding technical content supported by well-defined test practices. Keep up the great work guys!”


 An encyclopedia of surveillance information

Access thousands of in-depth articles you can trust across dozens of topics you care about -- remember we have zero ties with any external companies or organizations.

 Fast facts:

  • Articles cover topics you care about such as distributors, product failures, acquisitions, hires and fires, lawsuits, financial updates, sales & marketing, integrators, end users and more.

  • Articles are written by IPVM staff -- people that have spent significant time in the industry.

  • There are over 4,700 articles with 50+ more added every month.

  • Topics for articles are a mix of what’s happening now and responses to our membership’s burning questions and concerns.

  • Every article is free of advertisements and sponsorships -- it’s just the unbiased information you need.

  • Every IPVM member gets unlimited access to every article.

Dozens of topics you care about, 4,300+ articles, and 10 more added every week. 

Titles of recent articles that you would get access to:

  1. "The Race To The Bottom Is Over"

  2. "Hikvision Chinese Government Owner CETHIK Exposed"

  3. "IP Camera Manufacturer Compression Comparison"

  4. "Axis 5 Vulnerabilities Examined"

  5. "Intel Flaw Impact on VMS / NVRs Examined"


This is what manufacturers are saying about our articles:

“I read IPVM to get a broader perspective on the marketplace. The people who comment on your articles live with the technology everyday and once all the marketing hype is done, they are the ones that know what works and what does not. Understanding their issues and challenges allows me to do my job better.”   - Manufacturer VP Engineering

“I read IPVM because it provides balanced industry insight. I gain a lot of information from the articles and industry news posts as well as the comments posted by various industry professionals.”   - Manufacturer Director of Product Management

“I get asked by customers if I saw an article, so the site serves well as an industry reference.”   - Manufacturer CEO

“IPVM gives us one view of the current industry's view of the overall market conditions, trends, and most importantly, end-user opinions. Can our customers really see the value-add we spend so much time on? Or, do their decisions solely rely on spec sheets, gimmicks and price? Articles and subsequent comments in IPVM help provide additional data points to consider when we make product decisions.”   - Manufacturer VP of Sales

All of your surveillance news in one place

Get all of your industry insights without wasting time in Google search. This News Spider brings the most timely and trustworthy external resources into IPVM, according to filters that you create, automatically.

Fast facts:

  • It crawls over 150 websites that you can trust.

  • On those 150 websites, it digs deep into over 110,000 pages.

  • You can set filters so that you only see information on topics you care about such as specific manufacturers, types of cameras, and niche-specific keywords.

  • Every day, the most relevant articles, reports, PR releases and more will be delivered directly to your IPVM member portal.

  • With the News Spider and our IPVM articles, you’ll have all of the resources you need in one place, without having to search

IPVM's News Spider crawls over 110,000 pages with quality security content every single day. Using an unlimited number of filters that you choose, you get all of the security information you need without leaving IPVM and doing Google searches.


This IPVM member explains how the News Spider saves you a significant amount of time every month:

“Information is scattered and comparison articles are harder to find. Google searches for "access control" are heavily mixed with pages referring to Windows user rights or firewall/network setup. Reading IPVM is a lot more efficient than digging through various public sites on the Internet.”

Active discussion forums

Your prospects, customers, and competitors are leaving comments in our discussion forums every single day. Join in to better understand why your prospects aren’t your customers, how to keep your current customers happy, and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Fast facts:

  • Over 10,000 surveillance professionals from 110 countries use our forums

  • It has over 40,000 searchable topics that you can access any time

  • Over 100 discussions with over 1,000 comments in any given month

  • IPVM’s expert staff are always present to answer questions, help solve problems, and ensure the contributions provide value and are free of spam

  • Valued comments that receive upvotes earn the contributing member credits toward their membership fee -- many members pay for their entire membership this way

  • The forum is 100% ad and spam free

  • *And if you need immediate feedback on anything surveillance related, join IPVM’s active Live Chat channel


This is what manufacturers like most about the discussion forums:

“I like reading the multiple debates and discussions, survey results and headlines concerning our industry. Mostly, I think that the information you find on IPVM is REAL, it's not pre-canned marketing press releases and such.”

“It's another input point for me about customer needs, distributors, installers, and end-user issues.” -   Manufacturer Director of Distribution

“With IPVM, we see comment and analysis from a wide range of experts -- making it a goldmine of information directly from the customers and our competitors.”


Plus, even more value packed into your IPVM membership!


Breaking news, top discussions, and special offers directly to your inbox...

We send out regular newsletters so that if there are any breaking stories, discussions with a ton of member activity, or offers/discounts that you might be interested in -- you don’t have to go looking for it. Open rates for our newsletters are high, even among members that have been here for years, because we never send email for the sake of sending email. 

Access tools to quickly find and compare your competitors’ cameras...

Search a database that contains almost 5,000 cameras from 45 leading manufacturers, using dozens of specifications. Then, compare cameras side by side with the click of a button, and watch as IPVM’s Comparison tool automatically pulls out the key similarities and weaknesses for you. Doing this manually wastes an incredible amount of time -- with IPVM, you can do this in minutes.

See the Camera Finder and Comparison tools in action...

The Camera Finder tool helps you search a database with almost 3,000 cameras to find all of the cameras that match the specs you need. Manually, this could take hours. With this tool, your search is done in minutes.
The Best Match and Comparison tools pull out and display important differences between all of the cameras that match the specs you searched for. 


Understand your prospects and customers by accessing the same IPVM resources they rely on...

The people that buy, sell, and use your cameras rely on IPVM’s resources to make purchasing decisions and to get better at their jobs. Access 175+ guides and tutorials, and courses that help your customers and prospects make their purchasing decisions. This, combined with the many other ways we connect you with your target market, makes understanding your users both easy and convenient at IPVM.


Your customer’s favorite tool is the Camera Calculator

The Camera Calculator tool lets integrators pick from thousands of cameras, place each camera on their actual job site using Google Maps, and then see what each of their cameras see by leveraging our integration with Google Street View. Then, they export their plans to PowerPoint, Word, PDF etc. to give visually compelling presentations to their stakeholders.

This tool is also a great way for manufacturers to show their customers how their cameras would perform for different projects without the cost of installation. It's a great way to demonstrate your value and fit for real projects before they start.

See the Camera Calculator tool in action


So, if you think that IPVM will provide more than $199 worth of value each year...

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*Even if you decide to refund your purchase, your Free guides worth $100’s of dollars are yours to keep.


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These guides contain 500 pages of up-to-date information and education -- information that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Get them free with your membership.


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Join and get our Surveillance Statistics Handbook, a 50-page guide featuring 40+ charts/tables that capture what is being sold, used, and deployed in the real world. Such reports typically cost $1,000+ but we will email it to you immediately upon joining.

Need to see what membership looks like with your own eyes?

John Honovich, Founder & CEO of IPVM, gives a thorough walkthrough of the IPVM platform in the video below...                                        


Your purchasing questions answered

Q: I need more than 10 logins, do you offer bigger discounts for even bigger groups?

A: Yes, we have additional discounts for larger groups. Here’s how that works:

Q: I’d love to sign up, but I need an invoice before I can do so -- can you do that?

A: Yes, quickly generate an invoice here. If you’re a government organization or large corporation, you may require an invoice before you can sign up -- completing this short form will generate an invoice that is delivered directly to your email inbox.

Q: I’m ready to sign up, but I need to pay via wire transfer -- is this possible?

A: We accept payment via PayPal, credit card, and yes -- wire transfer.

Q: What if I’m not 100% satisfied with my IPVM membership?

A: We have a 30-day money back guarantee to eliminate any risk of giving us a try. Thirty days is plenty of time to discover everything that IPVM has to offer manufacturers and to decide whether it’s right for you. To claim your refund, just email us at or call us toll-free at 1-(800)-952-IPVM (4782).

Q: If I sign up and decide to get a refund, can I keep the 3 in-depth guides that are included?

A: Absolutely! While it’s rare that someone requests a refund, it happens. In the event that it does, those guides are definitely yours to keep -- consider it a parting gift.