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IPVM is owned and operated by a team of former integrators and it is 100% free of advertisements and manufacturer sponsorships. Every dollar is earned by providing its 10,000+ members in 120+ countries with the information and tools required to...

  • Specify better products faster
  • Win more profitable projects
  • Connect with industry peers
  • Capitalize on security industry trends 

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How we’re serving integrators in 2018

We provide 8 camera tools, published thousands of original articles & reports, and provide in-depth courses & guides for integrators. This is what our integrator members say they value most about IPVM. 

Comparative Tests & Reports

These tests are the most comprehensive video security tests you’re going to find anywhere. They contain video screencasts, image quality comparisons, and breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses. Integrators rely on these tests and reports to identify standout features and to specify better products for their projects. Many of our comparative tests are decided by listening to our members’ requests. 

Fast facts:

  • 550+ tests completed with more added every week.
  • Each test is comparative. It’s not just how a camera performs, it’s how it performs compared to viable alternatives so you can confidently select the best technology.
  • Test results are reliable -- we report our methods, and they are never sponsored.
  • Tests and reports are followed by in-depth analysis and discussion from our knowledgeable members -- the commentary helps you make better purchasing decisions faster.
  • Each test and report is in-depth, requiring 50-100+ hours for us to complete.
  • Eliminates the need to rely on biased manufacturing marketing for purchasing decisions.
  • Every member has unrestricted and unlimited access to every report online. Group members can export to PDF.

Video screencasts

We'll walk you through software in detailed video screencasts so that you understand whether a product is right for you without trying and buying it yourself.

Image quality comparisons

We do not simply turn on a camera and take a picture. We do tightly controlled shootouts and produce head to head comparisons that clearly shown performance differences, like the example below:

Titles of recent tests that you would get access to:

Camera Calculator & Presentation Tools

Integrators consistently rate this the most valuable tool. With this tool, you can select from thousands of real security cameras and place them on your site location using Google Maps. Then, you can see what they see using our Google Street View integration. Or, you can place cameras on a blueprint of an indoor space that you import or design using our markup tools. When your design is complete, you can export a visually compelling presentation with 1-click to win more deals.

Fast facts:

  • Select from 6,000+ security cameras including models from 40+ manufacturers such as Axis, Avigilon, and Hikvision.

  • Place as many cameras as you want on an outdoor site using Google Maps.

  • See what your selected security camera(s) see via our Google Street View integration.

  • Map indoor spaces by uploading a floor plan to Google Maps or creating your own using our markups.

  • Your selected security camera’s actual specs are reflected in the images you see.

  • Important specs such as resolution, distance, width etc. and their relationship to one another are calculated automatically.
  • Export your security system designs with 1-click to PowerPoint, PDF, Word, CSV, Zip, or Snapshot for presentations.

  • Or, send a link to your design via email, chat, and social media to let others view it.

  • Compare competing security camera models on your project site without actually installing a single camera.

  • Integrators consistently report that their visual presentations stand out because of this tool and win more deals as a result.

See how easy it is to design real outdoor security systems, using real camera models, anywhere that Google Maps has covered (that's most places). Then, see how quickly your design can be exported into a compelling presentation... 


New to the Camera Calculator is the ability to draw/import blueprints of indoor spaces, place them on Google Maps, and design a security system for it... 

And, this video explains the extra features and capabilities you'll get access to as an IPVM member...


Camera Finder & Comparison Tools

Integrators use these tools to compare cameras & find less expensive yet viable alternatives (in minutes). This suite of tools makes it possible for integrators to search and select cameras from a database containing thousands of security cameras, compare cameras across specs to uncover key similarities and differences, and find cameras with similar specs for less money. These tools save you from hours of manual searches and comparisons.

Fast facts:

  • Search a database of 5,500+ cameras from 50 manufacturers by entering your required camera specs. We're always adding new cameras.

  • Select up to 12 security cameras to compare simultaneously.

  • Comparisons are across dozens of specs we integrators care about such as price, resolution, size, FPS, focal length and more.

  • The most important similarities and differences are automatically identified to save you time.

  • Specify better products, for less money, in a lot less time to increase your profit margin without sacrificing quality.

See how you can find all of the cameras that match the specs you need for a project in seconds...

Then, see how quickly you can compare cameras that match your specs to find an opportunity to save money without sacrificing performance...

Discussion Forums

Access and get help from the most active security forums available. Tools that help you make the right decisions faster are great, but sometimes you want to consult with other professionals. The IPVM discussion forums are extremely active, free of blatant and not-so-blatant spam, and IPVM’s professional staff are known to jump in and help integrators solve their problems.

Fast facts:

  • Every month, the forum adds over 1,000 quality comments across 100+ new topics.

  • Over 100,000 easily searchable comments to date (a video security encyclopedia).

  • Integrators get solutions from us every month in forum discussions. Common topics include selecting products, quoting jobs, dealing with manufacturer problems, etc.

  • All experience levels, and a combination of integrators, manufacturers, end users, and sales reps chime in each month.

  • IPVM staff are online every day to help solve integrator challenges and ensure every contribution provides value and is free of self-promotion.

  • We monitor the forum for common questions and challenges to help us decide which articles to write, tests to run, and tools to build.

  • Comments that are valued by the community receive upvotes that earn members credit towards their membership fee. Some members pay for their entire membership each year via contributions! Last year, IPVM paid members over $10,000 for their comments.

  • Absolutely no ads anywhere.

  • If you need immediate feedback on a pressing issue, IPVM has a live chat channel where you can ask questions to your fellow members and IPVM staff in real time.

Examples of a few of recent discussions integrators were active in:

"Origin Stories - How Did You Get Started In The Security Industry?"

IPVM members and IPVM CEO and Founder, John Honovich, share their origin stories (how they got into the security industry).

81 comments and counting


"Looking for a most cost-effective alternative to Avigilon 16MP Camera"

The community came together to identify viable and more cost-effective alternatives while considering a number of variables (e.g. zoom capabilities).

25 comments and counting


"Cutting out the integrator - Why shouldn't I be able to buy my hardware directly?

An end user tries to buy their cameras direct from the manufacturer. The manufacturer declines. This discussion is both comical and insightful. I'm sure you'd have something to say on this!

68 comments and counting


Unbiased & In-Depth Articles

Access 5,000+ original articles written by IPVM’s experienced staff including 200+ tutorials. Articles are written in response to common IPVM member questions, concerns, and industry trends. We publish across dozens of relevant topics including integrator news, tutorials, access control, low-light camera performance, requests for help from integrators, and more.

Fast facts:

  • Articles are written by IPVM’s team -- experts that have spent significant time in the industry, dedicate a lot of time to staying current on everything video security, and are free of the financial influence of manufacturers.

  • There are over 5,000 articles with 50 more added every month.

  • An active commenting section follows articles to expand on points of interest and to answer any questions members have.

  • Topics for articles are a mix of what’s happening now and responses to our membership’s burning questions and concerns.

  • Every article is free of advertisements and sponsorships -- it’s just the unbiased information you need.

  • Absolutely no sneaky advertisements dressed up like an informative article.

  • Every IPVM member gets unlimited access to every article online. Group members can export to PDF. 

60+ topics & 5,000+ articles


Updated News Spider

Get all of your security news, reports, and articles in one place. Our News Spider has grown up since 2008. It crawls 130+ industry websites and 110,000+ pages, and we’ve added the ability to use search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll get dozens of new articles every week and unlimited access to articles we’ve gathered in previous weeks.

Fast facts:

  • 130+ websites and 110,000+ web pages are crawled every single day for relevant content.

  • Get breaking news, press releases, reports, articles, and more in one place.

  • Filter everything we collect using an unlimited number of keywords and company/manufacturer names.

  • Search and access over 5,000 pieces of content that we’ve aggregated in previous weeks.

  • Any high-quality content specific to the security industry that is published outside of IPVM can be found here -- no more searching!

Some of the nearly 5,000 easily searchable articles we've collected for your convenience.

News Alerts

Receive the most relevant content from IPVM and around the web directly to your inbox. You can create as many filters as you want using keywords and company names. Then, we’ll email you every Monday with IPVM's best content as well as content from other websites that match your filters.

Fast facts:

  • Add company filters with one click -- we’ve identified and summarized over 100 companies integrators follow.

  • Adding keyword filters is as easy as typing in the word. You can be as specific as you like (e.g. VMS, 5MP etc.) and include as many filters as you want.

  • Every Monday, we’ll send you an email with the top IPVM resources from the previous week plus any content from the 110,000 pages we crawl that match any of your filters. 

+Surveys, Quizzes, and more!

There's 100+ industry surveys to help you better understand your peers and your industry. We have 43 quizzes that you can take yourself or assign to your team to evaluate strengths and weaknesses for training and hiring purposes. These are great ways to discover what your peers know and what you know about your industry.



Here’s what our integrator members are saying about IPVM...

Unbiased information and resources...

I refer to IPVM as the “Consumer Reports of IP Video and Security.” IPVM does not allow advertising to help keep testing results unbiased.”

“IPVM is more than a site that talks about cameras, it is a place where we can discuss the industry as a whole, ask questions about tough problems, and sometimes just vent. It’s the only place I know of where I feel I can get a real answer, based on real testing, about our products and industry.”

“Vendors claim everything under the sun. Having a resource like IPVM enables an integrator to validate a vendor's claims, saving considerable sums in both money and time.” - Jose

“...a beacon of light that provides unbiased direction and informative articles, discussions and tools to assist anyone in the industry. Simply put, it has made me a more successful consultant.” - David

“...unbiased third-party information to help you make informed decisions in an industry clouded with misleading claims.”

The depth of product reviews is unrivaled and unbiased. It is unlikely that you will find any source of information with the range of products that IPVM covers -- from the basic Costco kits to the most exotic thermal imagers, and everything in between.” - Amos


A helpful professional network... 

“...the network asset alone is so important and helpful. The ability to belong to a forum which allows us to communicate and compare our findings is priceless. I have found the membership to be very useful for my purposes of choosing the best equipment for a particular requirement.”

“End users, manufacturers, integrators, sales, service, whatever -- there is someone on the site that has the exact answer you need. IPVM has done more to increase my knowledge than all my other trainings/conferences/classes put together.” - Kathy

“The best, if only place, where real security professionals gather to exchange unbiased information.


Resources that save you time and money...

“It is easy to show an ROI if you frequently read/use the service. Two examples: 1. I recently asked a question about being sued and in the process found valuable information that could save me $1000s per year. 2. I read an article about POE that saved us money on a project we were working on." - Leon

“The more technology evolves, the more I need input from the technology community beyond the system re-certifications and manufacturer datasheets. IPVM is invaluable at providing the evaluative perspective for the actual application that I don’t have the time to do myself. Major time saver.” - Alan (25 years of field engineering and system installation)

“...their tests and articles save me time and give me clear info on the CCTV technology.” - Joel

“IPVM is a great source for information and it can save you time when evaluating products by reviewing the many product comparisons which can be found on the site with a membership.” 

“So, all in all, you have nothing to lose but every opportunity to learn and gain 1st hand insider knowledge in the camera security industry. Having such knowledge handy will save time and energy doing research yourself.

“If nothing else, the Camera Calculators will save the cost of membership with one or two uses.”


It's not free, but it's worth the money...

IPVM’s value to me far exceeds the annual membership fee because they give me unbiased testing of cameras and other technology that I cannot get anywhere else. Camera technology is changing so fast that I cannot rely on my previous experience. New technology is making technology from just 12 months ago obsolete.”

“The best thing, I think, is the new equipment tests/reviews. We are trying to stay informed regarding new things on the market and it is very difficult to be able to buy/test things on your own.This particular information that IPVM provides is absolutely worth the membership fee. 

The purpose of signing up for a subscription with IPVM is to gain valuable information that is not available on the internet, nor is it given to you from respective camera, dvr, nvr manufacturers.” - Simonl

“The people that operate IPVM and its members are very helpful in answering questions. I would definitely recommend trying an IPVM Pro subscription and checking it out for yourself.”

“The amount of time saved by the Camera Comparison tools, along with other tools (such as the Camera Calculator), pay for the membership in itself. Simple ROI. Single user is $199/year. Can be paid for by using the tools to save 4 hours of work per year.” - John 



We’ve been acting on integrator feedback since 2008...

That's how we consistently build the most useful tools and publish the most relevant and unbiased articles, tests & reports, and guides...

In 2008, integrators happily paid $40 for a resource that we would now include in an annual IPVM subscription for free...

Right now, for the price of an average IP camera, you get complete and unrestricted access to everything IPVM has to offer...

  • 10,000+ paying members from 120+ countries, with a variety of experience levels and areas of expertise

  • 4,200+ unbiased articles with 10 more added each week, including 175+ tutorials

  • 400+ comparative tests and reports, each taking 50-100+ hours for us to complete, with more added each week

  • 8 tools that help integrators save time and money on each project, and improve their ability to close new deals

  • 40,000+ searchable comments with 1,000+ new comments and 100+ topics added every month

  • 110,000+ web pages are crawled and filtered daily to bring you all of the industry information you want without having to search for it

  • 6 comprehensive guides that help you tackle 6 different verticals

  • And we’re always adding and improving new tools and resources based on what integrators say they need

  • Everything ad/sponsorship free, always...

Try IPVM risk-free

Get access to tests & reports, camera tools, discussions, tutorials, quizzes and more.

Your IPVM membership is backed by a no-questions-asked, 30-day, money back guarantee. Just email us at or call us toll-free at 1-(800)-952-IPVM (4786).


+ Get 6 FREE vertical-specific guides filled with advice from integrators that have relevant project experience when you sign up…

You get 144 pages of no-fluff content directly from integrators and consultants with relevant project experience. You will know how to better sell, implement, and maintain security systems across 6 important and lucrative verticals. This is all included with your membership. 

Surveillance Install Labor Guide

This 51-page reference guides shows you how to win more jobs and avoid losing money by under-quoting the project.


School Video Surveillance Guide

This 13-page guide helps you understand how to plan and even design effective K-12 video security systems. Find out the most important monitoring locations, the types of cameras schools prefer, how schools buy, what you can do to command a higher price, whether or not surveillance integration is important, what schools say are the biggest problems they face in security, and more.


SMB Market Surveillance Guide

This 13-page guide gives you an inside look at security systems for small to medium-sized businesses. Key findings include who your main competitors are for these projects, whether or not these clients tend to invest in new and more advanced technology, what the "must-have" capability is, how these businesses choose their security vendor, and how to maximize profitability on these projects.


City Video Surveillance Guide

This 31-page guide gives a comprehensive look at how to set up and maintain metropolitan video security systems. Learn about the most important coverage areas, why PTZs are used to so heavily, the use of fiber optic v.s. wireless networks, the biggest installation problem cities face, the top priority of city surveillance, who uses the live and recorded footage most often, the common specification pitfalls, how projects get funded, and much more.


Airport Video Surveillance Guide

This 20-page guide expands on the survey responses of 40 integrators and consultants with airport project experience. See how experts prioritize video coverage, how they use fixed cameras and PTZs, who actually monitors video, which brands of camera are the most common and why, how airports leverage analytics, how large and small airports fund video security projects, which security improvements airports want to make most, and more.


Police Station Video Surveillance Guide

This 18-page report combines the insights from 50 integrators and consultants on implementing and maintaining police station video security systems. Find out where police stations place cameras and where high-priority coverage areas are, the most common camera form factors, the specialized features police stations may require, where audio integration is necessary, whether the integration with other systems is typical, who can land thse projects, and where they see the most room for improvement on these projects.


+ Get 3 FREE bonus guides and keep them even if you claim your refund.

These guides contain 700 pages of up-to-date 2018 information and education -- information that would cost you hundreds of dollars. 


Join 10,000+ IPVM Pro members...

Get access to tests & reports, camera tools, discussions, tutorials, quizzes and more. Plus, get 6 vertical-specific guides and download 3 guides with over 500 pages of up-to-date information for integrators...

*Your IPVM membership is backed by a no-questions-asked, 30-day, money back guarantee. Just email us at or call us toll-free at 1-(800)-952-IPVM (4786).

“Simply put, my IPVM subscription has saved me time and money. It keeps me informed and educated in the areas of IP video surveillance. The interactions I have had on the forums have been extremely valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend IPVM to others in this industry.” - Richard


Need to see what membership looks like with your own eyes?

John Honovich, Founder & CEO of IPVM, gives a thorough walkthrough of the IPVM platform in the video below...                                        


Your purchasing questions answered:

Q: I need more than 10 logins, do you offer bigger discounts for even bigger groups?

A: Yes, we have additional discounts for larger groups. Here’s how that works:

Q: I’d love to sign up, but I need an invoice before I can do so -- can you do that?

A: Yes, quickly generate an invoice here. If you’re a government organization or large corporation, you may require an invoice before you can sign up -- completing this short form will generate an invoice that is delivered directly to your email inbox.

Q: I’m ready to sign up, but I need to pay via wire transfer -- is this possible?

A: We accept payment via PayPal, credit card, and yes -- wire transfer.

Q: What if I’m not 100% satisfied with my IPVM membership?

A: We have a 30-day money back guarantee to eliminate any risk of giving us a try. Thirty days is plenty of time to discover everything that IPVM has to offer integrators and to decide whether it’s right for you. To claim your refund, just email us at or call us toll-free at 1-(800)-952-IPVM (4782).

Q: If I sign up and decide to get a refund, can I keep the 4 in-depth guides that are included?

A: Absolutely! While it’s rare that someone requests a refund, it happens. In the event that it does, those guides are definitely yours to keep -- consider it a parting gift. 

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