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We are owned and operated by a team of former integrators and we're 100% free of advertisements and manufacturer sponsorships. Every dollar is earned by consistently providing our 10,000+ members in 120+ countries with unbiased information and the tools required to make informed, money-saving security decisions. 

We help end users like you...

  • Become familiar with industry terminology and technology
  • Feel confident in your ability to ask intelligent questions (and understand the answers) during vendor presentations and meetings
  • Get answers to questions from professionals at IPVM that don't have anything to gain financially
  • Make sense of project quotes that may differ significantly between providers
  • Access all of the information you need without having to worry about biases, ulterior motives, or quality


"I equate IPVM to Consumer Reports and CNET. An absolutely invaluable, trustworthy, and deep source of IPVS knowledge and guidance." - Ernie, IPVM Pro Member


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How IPVM is Helping End Users in 2018...

Gain access to active discussion forums, thousands of articles, hundreds of tests and reports, eBooks and guides, software tools, and quizzes and courses.

Active Discussion Forums

Access and get help from the most active security forums available. If you have questions about cameras, quotes from integrators and vendors, software, etc., you can get advice from IPVM staff and professional members -- experts that don't have anything to gain financially by helping you out.

Fast facts...

  • Extremely active forums -- over 1,000 quality comments across 100+ new topics every month
  • Find answers to your question if it's already been asked by searching over 40,000 archived comments
  • Get the perspective of members with a variety of experience levels and professional roles (manufacturers, integrators, sales reps, end users etc.)
  • IPVM's expert staff are online every day to answer questions, solve problems, and ensure comment quality is always high
  • IPVM's staff also monitor the forums looking for recurring questions and topics that can be covered in unbiased articles and guides
  • Absolutely no ads in the sidebar or within posts
  • If you need immediate feedback, IPVM has a live chat room that has IPVM staff and members present.

2 examples of the IPVM community helping end users...

1.) "Avigilon System - Flickering Video And Unresponsive USB Joystick"

  • An end user and IPVM member were experiencing problems with a flickering video display and unresponsive joystick controller
  • They provided the specs of their security system
  • And they asked for ways to troubleshoot and solve this issue.
  • IPVM's members, including John Honovich (IPVM CEO), jumped in to provide over 50 comments complete with videos, screenshots, and diagrams to solve the problem.

2.) "Recommendations For Outdoor Home Cameras?"

  • An end user wanted to install 3 outdoor cameras at the front of their house and weren't sure which cameras would be best
  • They had done internet searches via reddit, cocoontech, etc. but ran into favoritism rather than unbiased professional help
  • She provided a wish list and details about her home
  • Again, IPVM members and staff, including John Honovich (CEO), jumped into help for free. They used IPVM tools (more on these soon) to find the perfect cameras and illustrate how her system would perform.


Thousands of Unbiased Articles

Access 5,000+ original articles written by IPVM's experienced staff including 175+ tutorials. Articles are written in response to common IPVM member questions, concerns, and industry trends. We publish across dozens of relevant topics including security standards, requests for help, camera failures, integrators, distributors, low-cost solutions, guides, tutorials, and many more.

Fast facts...

  • Articles are written by IPVM's team -- experts that have spent significant time the industry and are free of the financial influence of manufacturers and integrators.
  • Over 5,000 articles with 50 more added every month
  • Active comments section follows articles to expand on points of interest and to answer any questions members have
  • Topics of articles are a mix of what's happening now and responses to our membership's burning questions and concerns
  • Every article is free of advertisements and sponsorships -- it's just the unbiased information you need
  • Absolutely no sneaky advertisements dressed up like an informative article or report
  • Every IPVM member gets unlimited access to every article online. Group members can export to PDF.

60+ topics & 5,000+ articles


Comparative Tests & Reports

End users refer to our tests and reports to check cameras recommended by a vendor. These are the most comprehensive video security tests anywhere. They contain video screencasts, image quality comparisons, and breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses.

Fast facts...

  • 500+ tests and reports completed to date -- more added every week
  • Tests and reports take 50-100+ hours for us to complete
  • Tests are comparative, uncovering how cameras perform compared to viable alternatives
  • Tests are reliable -- they are carefully controlled experiments, we report our methods, and they are never sponsored
  • You will no longer rely on biased manufacturer and vendor marketing for your purchasing decisions.

Video screencasts

We'll walk you through software in detailed video screencasts so that you can get a good understanding about whether a product is right for you without trying and buying it yourself.

Image quality comparisons

This image is one of over a dozen documenting the performance of 3 well-known surveillance cameras from Axis, Arecont, and Sony. We compared performance in low-light conditions by capturing new images every hour starting 1-hour before sunset and ending 1-hour after sunrise. Many of our tests and reports contain images like these.

This image is one of over a dozen documenting the performance of 3 well-known surveillance cameras from Axis, Arecont, and Sony. We compared performance in low-light conditions by capturing new images every hour, starting 1-hour before sunset and ending 1-hour after sunrise.


6 FREE Vertical-Specific Guides

You get 144 pages of no-fluff accessible content directly from integrators and consultants in the field. You will know how to better manage projects across 6 important verticals. This is all included in your membership!

Surveillance Install Labor Guide

This 51-page reference guide demystifies the quoting process for installation projects. Learn how the top integrators provide quotes and timelines so that you can be confident in your choice of vendor for your projects. 

School Video Surveillance Guide

This 13-page guide gives you everything you need to understand how to plan and even design effective K-12 video surveillance systems. This guide is filled with actionable insight based on reports from those in the field. We had 80 integrators answer questions about purchasing, camera placement, integration, remote access and more.


SMB Market Surveillance Guide

This 13-page guide gives you an inside look into surveillance systems for the small to medium-sized business. We spoke to 90 integrators from around the world and got them to answer 7 important questions around technology, the competition, project quotes and more.


City Video Surveillance Guide

This 31-page guide gives a comprehensive look at how to set up and maintain metropolitan video surveillance systems. We gathered detailed responses to over a dozen questions from 60 integrators in the field.

Airport Video Surveillance Guide

This 20-page guide aggregates and expands on the responses of 40 integrators and consultants with airport project experience and is especially relevant in today's climate. Learn what's required to implement and maintain an airport video surveillance system.

Police Station Video Surveillance Guide

This 18-page report combines the insights from 50 integrators and consultants on implementing and maintaining police station video surveillance systems. You'll learn about where to deploy cameras, most common cameras used, how audio surveillance is used, and so much more.


Software Tools Save You Time & Money

Access a suite of tools that help end users find cameras that match specs, discover similar alternative cameras that cost significantly less money, and design a real security camera system -- all without leaving your desk.

Camera Finder & Comparison Tools

End users use these tools to quickly find the best camera for the job at the lowest price. You can select cameras from a database containing 1000s of security cameras, compare cameras across specs to uncover key similarities and differences, and find cameras with similar specs for less money.

See how you can find all of the cameras that match the specs you need for a project in seconds...

Next, see how quickly you can compare cameras that match your specs to find an opportunity to save money without sacrificing performance...


Design a Security Camera System 

You can use this tool to simulate a proposed security system before you spend money on cameras and installation. Select from 1000s of real security cameras, place them on your project's location using Google Maps Street View, and see what your cameras see via our integration. Or, place cameras on a blueprint of an indoor space that you import or design using our markup tools.

See how easy it is to design and export real outdoor security systems, using real camera models, anywhere that Google Maps has covered (that's almost anywhere)...

New to the Camera Calculator is the ability to draw/import blueprints of indoor spaces, place them on Google Maps, and design a security system for it...


Quizzes & Courses Boost Industry Knowledge

We have 43 quizzes that range from basic 101 security knowledge to more advanced quizzes that experienced integrators struggle with. Then, when you identify your weaknesses, we have in-depth courses to fill in those knowledge gaps (members get significant discounts on courses).

Choose from 43 quizzes...

When you complete a quiz, you'll see how you did in comparison to other quiz takers, and you'll get explanations for each answer along with links to helpful resources to learn more... 


Finally, if these quizzes leave you feeling like you have a lot to learn, we have live online courses to help you quickly boost your skill set...

Here's what end users had to say about our courses...

"I can now speak to the networking guys about my issues."

"Helped in learning best practices in deploying and maintaining ip video network at our site."

"This class covered so many topics from security and surveillance. It was incredibly helpful."

"While I do not manage selection or installation of video surveillance systems directly, I do work closely with the folks who do, and this knowledge will make my dealings with them much more fruitful."

"I developed the ability to speak with designers and technicians and understand the terminology and technology."

"IPVM Improved my understanding and knowledge of camera security. I now feel confident when making my camera selection." 


Get access to the resources you need to be confident in your ability to manage your surveillance projects and make decisions...

Get unrestricted access to active discussion forums, thousands of unbiased articles, comparative tests and reports, comprehensive guides, software, quizzes and courses, and more. You will never be made to feel overwhelmed or out of place by security and surveillance projects again.

 *Your purchase is backed by our 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee. You will have plenty of time to explore IPVM. If it's not what you need, claim your guaranteed refund by emailing us at refund@ipvm.com or call us toll-free at 1-(800)-952-IPVM (4782).


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