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We offer multiple options for you to access the world's best video surveillance information:

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As soon as you sign up online, you get access to everything. Dive right in and learn about your specific interests or try to it absorb it all. Ask questions in our discussions or send us an email and we can help you make the most of your membership.

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Immediately after you become an IPVM Pro member, download 3 key books - the Camera Book, the IP Networking Book, and the Access Control Book. Together, they offer 600 pages of up-to-date information and education. Choose what sections are most relevant and benefit immediately.

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What Our Members Say About IPVM PRO Membership

Here is a selection of unsolicited comments left by PRO members:

  • End user on IPVM: "I want to tell you how much IPVM helped me in my project and how much I appreciate the quality of IPVM. Lots of time people told me how come I know this and that and it was because of your team."
  • "This is exactly the kind of information that we need. Keep up the good work!"
  • "This one report alone is worth what I am paying for yearly dues for Pro access."
  • "You have done a phenomenal job of educating and demystifying."
  • "I had a customer ask me for some recommendations on, of all things, parking lot cameras! I was delighted to review your excellent piece on the subject."
  • "Beautiful piece of work."
  • "Great Report! Stuff like this makes paying the membership fee easy."
  • "I decided I needed an IPVM.COM subscription after I noticed multiple vendor complaining about John. You can identify a useful Internet information source by who they piss off ;-)"
  • "Your work is unparalleled both in the types of data you are collecting and the way you present it. This type of analysis is sorely needed to take this industry to the next step."
  • "What I love about these 'real world tests' is exactly that, your tests are based on scenarios that we encounter daily, not some theoretical bench test that “proves” their camera will capture identifiable images of an intruder at 100 yards with the lens cap on"
  • "You have done an excellent job and unfortunately for a lot of manufacturers 'the truth hurts'."

What You Get

We have 10,000+ members from over 110 countries. Here's what they (and you will) get:

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We offer larger plans for users who want to share with more co-workers:

Download PDF Copies

Group members can automatically generate PDF copies of any report on the site. Additionally, PDFs can be generated that aggregate all the information on any company into a single report. These PDFs can be downloaded, shared with other group members. While Personal members can read all reports online, in full, Group get the added convenience of easy downloading for later offline use.

Annual Industry Guides

Group subscribers receive industry guides each year that summarize our analysis on key trends, market changes and new products impacting the video surveillance industry. The Guides (emailed in PDF format) may be printed out.

Share with Co-Workers

Group members can create individual logins for co-worker. This allows employees to login and read any of the reports as well as set up their own custom news monitoring. Simply login and click on the 'Manage Users' link to add or delete logins for your co-workers.

Need an Invoice or Pay by Wire Transfer?

Get an invoice immediately. If you are a government organization or large corporation, you may need an invoice before signing up or need to pay by wire transfer. We can help with both. Just fill our our invoice request and one will be emailed to you immediately.


We provide extensive on-line training using video screencasts and tests to help you understand the fundamentals of video surveillance. Our training focuses on real world problems that generic IT training or manufacturer sponsored training avoids.

Company Reviews

We review companies every month with an emphasis on pointing out weakness, limitations and cost. These reviews help you to understand the real trade-offs involved, not simply the marketing hype.

Tests and Shootouts

These tests are the most comprehensive video security tests you're going to find anywhere. They contain video screencasts, image quality comparisons, and breakdowns of strengths and weaknesses. Members rely on these tests and reports to learn which products do what they say they can do and which fall short. Many of our tests are decided by listening to the requests from our members in the field.

Fast facts:

  • 500+ tests and reports completed to date -- more added every week.
  • Each test and report requires 50-100 hours for us to complete.
  • Comparative -- It's not just how a camera performs, it's how it performs compared to viable alternatives.
  • Reliable -- These are carefully controlled experiments, we report our methods, and they are never sponsored.
  • Tests and reports followed by in-depth analysis and discussion from our knowledgeable members help you make better decisions.
  • Tests eliminate the need to rely on biased marketing.
  • Every member has unrestricted access to every report online. Group members can export to PDF.

Below is an example of the ongoing comparative testing we perform:

Here is another example of testing, in low-light:

IPVM provides the only comparative quality testing in the industry.

Recent tests that you would get access to include:

  • "H.265 vs H.264"
  • "Avigilon HD Multisensor Camera Tested"
  • "4MP Shootout: Dahua vs Hikvision"
  • "Panasonic 4K/12MP Camera Tested"
  • "Axis 33MP Camera Tested (Q3709)"
  • "Genetec VMS Cloud Tested"

Camera Calculator

This is consistently rated our most valuable tool. With this, you can select from thousands of real security cameras and place them on your site location using Google Maps. Then, you can see what they see with Google Street View. Or, you can place cameras on a blueprint of an indoor space that you design or import using our markup tools. When your design is complete, you can export a visually compelling presentation with 1-click.

Fast facts:

  • Select from 3,000+ security cameras including models from 30+ manufacturers such as Axis, Avigilon, and Hikvision.
  • Place as many cameras as you want on any outdoor space using Google Maps.
  • See what your selected security camera(s) see via our integration with Google Street View.
  • Map indoor spaces by uploading a floor plan to Google Maps or creating your own using our markup tools.
  • Your selected security camera's actual specs are reflected in the images you see.
  • Important specs such as resolution, distance, width, etc. and their relationship to one another are calculated automatically.
  • Export your security system designs with 1-click to Powerpoint, PDF, Word, CSV, Zip, or Snapshot for presentations.
  • Or, send a link to your design via email, chat, and social media.
  • Compare competing security camera models on real project sites without installing a single camera.

Watch how easy it is to design real security systems on real job sites. Then, see how it's quickly exported to a presentation...

New to the Camera Calculator is the ability to draw/import blueprints of indoor spaces...

And here's a comparison to help you understand the additional features you get access to as an IPVM PRO member...

4,700+ Total Posts

PRO members can access all of our 4,700+ original articles, including 175+ tutorials and guides, all written by IPVM's experienced staff. Articles are written in response to common IPVM member questions, concerns, and industry trends. We publish multiple articles every single week across dozens of relevant topics. 

Fast facts:

  • Articles are written by IPVM's team -- experts that have spent significant time in the industry and are free of the financial influence of manufacturers.
  • There are over 4,700+ articles with 50+ added every month.
  • An active commenting section follows articles to expand on points of interest and to answer any questions you might have.
  • Topics for articles are a mix of what's happening now and responses to our membership's burning question and concerns.
  • Every article is free of advertisements and sponsorships -- it's just the unbiased information you need.
  • Absolutely no sneaky advertisements dressed up like informative articles.
  • Every IPVM member gets unlimited access to every article online. Group members can export to PDF.

Below is an image of some of the topics and the number of resources published per topic.


We run ongoing global surveys asking security professionals what they use, why they use it and what they prefer. These reports provide unique insights that can help you determine what to do in your own organization. Below are two sample images from survey results:

We turn our most extensive surveys into guides. Get these 6 guides, FREE:

These guides based on in-depth surveys have 144 pages of no-fluff content directly from professionals in the field.

This 51-page reference guide shows you how to win more jobs and avoid losing money by under-quoting the project. 


This 13-page guide gives you everything you need to understand how to plan and even design effective K-12 video surveillance systems. Find out the most important monitoring locations, the types of cameras schools prefer, how schools buy and what you can do to command a higher price, whether or not surveillance integration is important, what schools says are the biggest problems they face in surveillance, and more.

This 20-page guide expands on the survey responses of 40 integrators and consultants with airport project experience. See how experts prioritize video coverage, how they use fixed cameras and PTZs, who actually monitors the video, which brands of camera are the most common and why, how airports leverage analytics, how large and small airports fund video surveillance projects, which improvements airports want to make most, and more.

This 31-page guide gives a comprehensive look at how to set up and maintain metropolitan video security systems. Learn about the most important coverage areas, why PTZs are used so heavily, the use of fiber optic v.s. wireless networks, the biggest problem installation problem cities face, the top priority of city surveillance, who use the live and recorded footage most often, the common specification pitfalls, how projects get funded, and much more.


This 13-page guide gives you an inside look at security systems for small to medium-sized businesses. Key findings include who your main competitors are for these projects, whether or not these clients tend to invest in new and more advanced technology, what the "must-have" capability is, how these businesses choose their vendor, and how to maximize your profitability on these projects.

This 18-page report combines the insights from 50 integrators and consultants on implementing and maintaining police station video surveillance systems. Find out where police stations place cameras and where high-priority coverage areas are, the most common camera form factors, the specialized features police stations may require, where audio integration is necessary, whether integration with other systems is typical, who can land these projects, and where they see the most room for improvement on these projects.


 + 3 FREE Bonus eBooks

These guides contain 600 pages of up-to-date 2017 information and education -- information that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Get them free with your membership.

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Every month, we answer dozens of questions from members who need help on their specific projects and deployments. Become a Member and we will help you too. Learn more:

A single answer to your personal needs could more than pay for the price of membership, helping you solve important problems.

More Members on the Value of IPVM PRO Membership

Here are more professionals on the value of IPVM:

  • From a video surveillance investor on a stock discussion forum: "IP Video Market is the most respected authority in the IP video market place."
  • From an integrator on twitter: "If you're not a PRO member, you should sign up for that. Invaluable, unbiased info."
  • From an online discussion about the 'best' security information sources, here are two unsolicited recommendations of IP Video Market: "Anything else is just bought by the manufacturer and not an independent review of solutions.. you get what you pay for." A follow-up comment: "Just know that if you're reading a review or recommendation from anyone other than ... IPVM, it's likely been paid for"
  • From an unsolicited Member email: "There is nothing like it. No other site that I’ve ever seen, for any industry or application, provides such current, useful and practical information as IPVM. Thanks again and congratulations for having the vision to provide this to the industry."
  • A member doing research on using surveillance in hazardous environments, "Your insights and resource links saved me HOURS of work. I'm glad i checked IPVM first!"

Right now, you can get complete and unrestricted access to everything IPVM has to offer...

  • 10,000+ paying members from 110+ countries, with a variety of experience levels and areas of expertise
  • 5,000+ unbiased articles with 50+ added each month, including 200+ tutorials
  • 500+ comprehensive comparative tests and reports, each taking 50-100+ hours for us to complete
  • 8 tools that help you make better decisions and save time/money. Tools are always being upgraded
  • 40,000+ searchable comments with 1,000+ new comments across 100+ topics added every month
  • 110,000+ web pages are crawled and filtered daily to bring all of the industry information you want without having to search for it
  • 6 comprehensive vertical-specific guides 
  • 3 industry guides totaling 700 pages of up-to-date 2018 information
  • Everything ad/sponsorship free, always...

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