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ZMODO Experiences?

Anybody have experience using the ZMODO line of IP cameras? Good? Bad?

Hello Phillip:

My only experience with ZModo is catching their frequent offerings on a famous 'Deal of the Day' website. Reading the comments from those deals, often updated after people have received the merchandise, are always sketchy and plenty of people get upset.

There are common complaints of DOA cameras, bad HDDs in the DVR, and bad/ no tech support. Granted, the kit boxes are <$150 for 4 Cameras and a DVR so I'm not sure what to expect there, but the overall sentiment typically rolls negative.

I am not sure about their IP offerings, so hopefully someone can share specifics.

We have a discussion of Zmodo's overall business here - $180 4 Channel Surveillance Kit?

We bought the entry level Zmodo cube camera - Derek and Ethan started to do a test of it but abandoned it after even basic setup had major problems.

Thanks Brian and John that's pretty much the experience I've had so far too. Being brand new to cameras in general, I thought it would be a good idea to have a camera test lab as I went thru the IPVM surveillance course so I purchased a wireless 4 IPcamera/NVR system with a 1GB HD for $450. Just like you reported, the camera's were DOA with an out of date firmware release that caused an incompatability issue with the NVR on initial setup. Finally got thru to tech and awaiting the return of the fixed cameras. Will report back any findings when I finally get the system up and running.

Phillip, thanks for the feedback, that makes sense. If you want absurdly cheap but actually working stuff, considering the Wodsee IP cameras and NVR. All in, including shipping, it should be $450 or less.

Or pay a little more and get the QSee kit for $699 with real warranty, tech support, etc.