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Zkaccess - What Do You Know?

I got an email from a representatitve of their company making some bold claims about facial recognition in schools. Any info from others on them would be interesting to hear. Thanks.

Well if a sales person said it, it must be true!

I have to imagine that the face recognition offering is OEMed from someone else, since very few companies develop their own and their background seems to indicate more of a hardware focus than computer vision.

We have a few ZKAccess demo units in our building, including one facial recognition unit - works well. It takes about 2-3 seconds to recognize a face and grant access.

Can't Ethan walk next door and have a look?

So has anyone ever used these panels? The C3 panel line.

Their own facial recognition solution is pretty limited. Now they are going to use a 3d party product that is IMO is also an average at best. But for the access control it is usually acceptable.

Overall, cannot say that their products are the best option from the technical point of view but they are worth to consider.

ZKAccess and ZKTeco are not more mainstream in the commercial security market because there is no integration with their panels and mainstream management platforms.

For example, unlike Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers or maybe Isonas, ZKAccess does not have a standardized firmware or API and instead uses its own software.

While not the C3 Panel line, we tested a ZK fingerprint reader - The $100 Fingerprint Reader Tested - and while hardware design was solid, software was a mess. I would not be surprised if the C3 Panels resembled this experience.

I am also curious to see if anyone has firsthand experience too!

  • "and while hardware design was solid, software was a mess"

This seems to be a common phenomenon when it comes to access control panels...

I had a manufacturer rep show us this product. The price was very good. I'm very interested for feedback.

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