Your Pool To Get Underwater Surveillance Cameras?

I've never seen this before. Am I missing out on a new trend or is this a weird deal?

In the UK, evidently they are installing cctv cameras underwater to monitor swimmers, ostensibly for safety purposes and to see if people are drowning.

"The CCTV devices will send high-resolution images to a bank of screens at the poolside areas, where lifeguards will monitor any swimmers who may get into difficulties."

On that note, I am curious how often pools use surveillance cameras to monitor swimmers in real time.

I get the application of after hours monitoring to see if someone goes in but while the pool is open, I am not so sure of the use, especially installing them underwater.

“The cameras will be recording but no images will ever be stored...”

must be using Axis Edge Storage

add thermal cameras and you have instant detection of who is peeing in the pool... sell it!

I have installed cameras in a pool, but not for surveillance. It was an athletic rehabilitation facility.

Someone would blow out a knee, and then they would workout or do physical therapy in the pool. The joint would be less stressed, all the muscles would be worked, etc...

No cameras were installed in the water. Instead, plexiglass cutouts were factory installed in the pool liner, and we set up cameras on tripods to look through the windows. Aside from being cramped, it was a typical install.

It wasn't really intended for surveillance, but the coaches and trainers had us configure motion alarms for 'after hours' activity in the pool. No one watched it live, even when someone was doing therapy. The doctors would review it later for progress.

The picture was good, there was plenty of light, and even subjects standing 20 feet away could be seen. The water dispersed light pretty evenly throughout the pool.

One of my best clients is an apartment complex owner. He would LOVE this idea. He always wants pool cams! I'm sure you can think of his reason why ;)

Yes, and that's why I imagine there are going to be privacy concerns / objections.

We provided IP68 stainless steel housings for a swimming pool installation in a US training facility... in this case, the swimmers are future olympic athletes and their coaches monitor their strokes and skills underwater.

Who needs to watch old episodes of BayWatch?

Is this more effective than the old fashioned way of having a lifeguard watch the surface of the pool?

I think the thought behind this is more for multiple pool facilities.

If you have 1 lifeguard watching monitors to cover 3 pools, there is a reduced cost over having to pay 3 lifeguards.

And you better hope you start drowning first, before the lifeguard is tied up at the other pool.

Just install the big red easy button next to the monitors...

Push the button, pools auto empty and leave the inhabitants flopping on dry ground like fish on land.

Scott, I just hope you don't get stuck butt first on the drain hole!