You Are What You Eat: Why Paypal Wants You To Swallow Your Password....

How do ingestible devices powered by stomach acid* sound?

PayPal Wants You to Inject Your Username and Eat Your Password*

Leblanc said that identification of people will shift from “antiquated” external body methods like fingerprints, toward internal body functions like heartbeat and vein recognition, where embedded and ingestible devices will allow “natural body identification.” These devices include brain implants and attachable computers, which “put users in charge of their own security,” he said. Ingestible devices could be powered by stomach acid, which will run their batteries, he added.

If there’s a weak password you need to harden that with something physical behind it.

Is it too late for me to just fix my password? Please?

*Full disclosure, it is not April 1st.

Passwords have huge problems - from forgetting them, to setting the same one for lots of different systems, to sharing them, etc.

Despite the WSJ using a buzzfeed style title, it is understandable why they are investigating various ways to use biometrics instead of passwords for online access.