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Xfinity Home Security

On my way into work, I heard a radio ad for Xfinity Home Security. I decided to take a look, and it seems like a standard home security package, but then I noticed the camera and mobile app functionality (which was talked up to hell on the radio ad, "Take control of your home from your mobile phone, and save energy too!").

I found the description of the indoor/outdoor camera to be rather hilarious:

Let's say someone wanted to get into home security. Would this be a good package for the "peace of mind" Xfinity is offering?

They've launched a pretty hardcore campaign for Xfinity's home systems here in DC. I've been seeing signs EVERYWHERE in the last couple months or so. They dominate with cable and internet here, so I bet if they throw that into some cable package people will get it because "What the heck it's only XXX more dollars a month."

Yes, never underestimate the power of cheap and sensationlist marketing.

I think Carlton nails it, honestly. When you're used to paying Xfinity for internet and TV, and maybe voice, and you end up with incremental add-ons (increases in speed, more channels, etc.), this sort of addition is a lot more palatable. Honestly, if Verizon's "home monitoring and control" (I like that they stay away from the "s" word) didn't look like crap to me, I'd buy into it, since I'm paying them for FiOS internet and TV.

Btw, $129.95 is a lot of money for what looks like a crappy camera with a few tiny IR LEDs and probably only IP54. Also, wouldn't be surprised if it was SD only, since if it was HD they'd almost certainly market that explicitly.

Bright House Networks, a major cable company in Florida where I get my cable TV, internet and telephone service, is starting to offer home security and video surveillance systems. They also offer remote lighting and temperature controls. Seems a lot of cable companies are jumping on the home security bandwagon. They already have the netowrk in your house, just adding to it.

That is a DSC camera for the connect24 home automation package.