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Xendesktop 7.5, HDX , And Milestone??? Will It Work?

Hi Everyone!

Im sure there has to someone smart out there that has tried this:

Milstonesystem runnig on VM's and running the smart client on a XenDesktop or as a XenApp??

Milestone works fine on the VM's,but now they want us to run the SmartClient as an Xenapp or on a Xendesktop.

So, my question is: Has anyone tested this before, and WILL IT WORK?

What do you think?

Xendesktop and HDX rendering game

Ps. We tried this some years back and it didn´t really work out back then, but things change..

Thanks for any feedback!

// Snowman

Have you asked Milestone tech support? I only mention this because there are 2 questions - will it work? and will Milestone support it if something goes wrong? :)

No, not officially.. I haven´t registed a question with them.