Wow - 4MP IP From FLIR Now Under $100

Keep racing...

From the ADI May flyer:

It appears to be a Dahua OEM, 2 week offer.

But if FLIR can OEM Dahua and offer 4MP under $100, what does that mean for Dahua and Hikvision?

4MP was supposed to be the new 1080p / higher end and it is already being driven to sub - $100 levels.

Anyone have info on the IP camera tester listed on the flyer? I can't quite make out the brand... Can someone get a snap of the flyer page with the tester?

Yes, this is it:

I am not sure if it is from the same company as this one, but it might.

"Limit 20 Per Customer", seems like an odd number. If it's some kind of a loss-leader, I would have expected a limit of 3 or so, enough to get a couple of eval units, but not a whole system worth of cameras.

Now, Hikvision has a 4MP promo.

Interestingly, enough Axis has a new entry level 4MP camera which has no IR and costs ~$400....