Would You Use 8TB Hard Drives In Video Surveillance Applications?

As 8TB becomes more available, curious what the interest is? Would you use them? Why? Why why no?

Also, who is moving back to MJPEG and JPEG2000? (just kidding)

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We asked ourselves the same question when 2, 4 and 6 TB drives were released and the final answer has always been yes. It's crazy how much data can be stored (and lost) on a single drive but the fact is that the larger drives are more cost-effective per TB and that's what is interesting for manufacturers and end-users.

I have been using the 4 tb purple drives,suppose to be better for this type application.More cost effictive to use 2 than an 8tb also probally won\t loose 2 4s at once.

yes but not right now. I wouldnt use anything larger than a 6TB right now. just like when 3 and 4TB drives came out i didnt go to them right away I wont do so with any new drive sizes.

my favorites right now are WD Red, Red pro, and Black drives. mostly they are for replacing seagates and new installs.

I do see a lot of WD greens in the 16ch or all-in-one kits so they can get the energy star sticker

If I really needed the density, the biggest drive I'd use the HGST 8TB Helium drives. However, it is still cheaper to do 2X 4TB.

I don't think the 8TB Seagates or 10TB HGST with SMR (Shingled Magnetic) would be good for CCTV applications. Since SMR drives have to rewrite adjacent tracks on new writes, I'd worry about the drive failing under the constant rewrites as new footage overwrites the oldest. Both Seagate and HGST market SMR drives as "archive" drives because of the rewrite limitations.