Would You Pay $220,000 For Burglaralarm.Com?

If you will, it is yours today.

Which leads to a broader question of how much a domain is worth in the security industry.

Most assuredly, the guy who owns BurglarAlarm.com is trying to frame / position the sale. I bet he would happily take a fraction of that and make you feel you got a good deal.

Same person also owns SecuritySystem.com, not evidently for sale, but if you have a quarter million, I am sure he would consider it.

IPVM Domain

We bought IPVM.com for ~$5,000 at the end of 2011. Previously, we were ipvideomarket.info

In retrospect, that was a great deal, simply because much easier to type and more authoritative sounding to have a 4 letter acronym.

But $100,000 or $200,000, a little crazy.

Security Domains

I am skeptical of the value of matched phrase domains like 'burglaralarm.com' today given that Google has deemphasized that in search engine rankings and many people associate such domains with spam websites.

On the other hand, there is still value in having a clear short obvious domain name. For example, Video Insight would hopefully at least have videoinsight.com, but no it's video-insight.com. Hyphens are not helpful. Same thing with Security Today, aka / formerly known as Security Products. Not that there is anything of value there anyway, but their website is the awkward security-today.com.

What Would You Pay For A Domain Name?

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