Would You Buy Branded Manufacturer T-Shirts?

DW has found a new revenue stream - see the DW Logo Merchandise Store:

It is run / hosted by MyLocker.Net

So what do you think? Are you going to buy one? Would you buy one from your favorite manufacturer? What would you want it to say?

The comment with the most votes gets a free IPVM T-shirt (if such a thing exists).

Does it come with a free camera?

Even with a free camera its doubtfull i'd buy one, can buy them cheaper in China (the camera's i mean) :-)

The default tee has black lettering on a black shirt, very subtle, almost subliminal...

[Sigh.] Out of my control. At least you can still read our name. A reversed logo is available.


you already gave away the shirt with just one post ;)

The comment with the most votes gets a free IPVM T-shirt...

Second prize?

Still better than 3rd prize...

No, if a manufacturer wants his logo on my chest he going to pay for the space.

I can't imagine someone actually paying $ for this. Either the manufacturer should be giving them away as incentives/rewards, or having them available in an online store for SPIF or similar credit, so sales people can "purchase" them (for free).

Let's see. I've purchased T-shirts advertising some of my favorite movies, sports teams, TV shows, and even one government agency, but I don't think I love any surveillance brand enough to buy their T-shirts.

That's actually not true. I would totally buy a retro style T-shirt that said something to the effect of "I flew on the Pelco Plane". But that's it.

I don't have major heartburn with this. It's kind of lame, but I also understand that 'you are what you eat', so a small dealer may appreciate bolstering his own brand with 'legitimate' flair.

Scenario #1: New security dealer tries to sell projects wearing his lucky 'Iron Maiden Reunion Tour' t-shirt

Scenario #2: Everything else equal, same dealer tries to sell projects wearing a new 'DW' t-shirt.

Which scenario do you think a customer is more comfortable with?

As a manufacturer I have had offers from dealers to buy factory shirts I wear.....so it's really not that far fetched.

i believe Brian is correct in his reasoning.

I agree with your logic.... unless the customer saw a show on that same tour.

A family member works for a company that does logo-stuff like this. Companies sometimes do this, and then there are coupon codes that discount the order to $0 (the product company then pays the merch company on the backend).

In the security industry, it seems like integrators and customers always want free shirts, hats, etc. Just the process of getting size/style requests for a small integrator office of ~10 people starts to become a hassle. With a site like this you can give them 10 coupon codes, tell them to pick out whatever style/size/etc. and make it more self-serve. After the products ship you get an invoice, or it just hits your corporate credit card.

Brian, that's interesting. I called MyLocker.Net. They say you could buy gift cards and then give that gift card number to people so that they effectively could buy for free, with the company getting billed for the gift cards.

Also, with MyLocker.Net, the 'shop owner' / company gets a 12% commission of each sale (i.e. $20 t-shirt is $2.40 to company, $17.60 to MyLocker.Net). I wonder what other options are out there.

Related, in all seriousness, I would be open to giving away IPVM t-shirts if we could find a way logistically to make it simple to order, ship, etc.

I've heard good things about Printful.

Do you have customers with coax infrastructure? Do they want 1080p and higher resolution? "HD. It's not just for IP anymore." I just made that up. I think I'll trademark it. Oh. Wanna' talk IP technology? We have a multi-sensor camera no one can match, recorders without peer and the IPVMS everyone should be using. Hey, you called me out.

...the IPVMS everyone should be using.

IPVM'S IPVMS review.

"HD. It's not just for IP anymore."

I'd wear that T-shirt.

"HD. It's not just for IP anymore."

I'd wear that T-shirt.

Dear manufacturers, now you know what to bring to ISC East 2016...

Great research as always John. Over the course of my career, I have vetted a number of companies that do this -- most cater to schools and universities. It is simply not financially feasible for us to put our name on the variety of products sites like this offer (many different kinds of shirts, jackets, blankets, backpacks, etc.), so this at least gives us the opportunity to have our logos available on a lot of stuff. As far as promotion, if a dealer wants a T-Shirt, call your rep. Sites like this simply give someone an opportunity that would not exist otherwise. I can see why some people would find this ridiculous, but every company actually has fans who would consider getting their own custom whatever (like a license plate :O). It is not a profit center nor would that ever be the intention. In reality, it is another channel I have found to get our name out in the world. It worked. Another mention on IPVM! (Oh, yeah!)

Kudos to DW. At the very least, it shows some creativity and talent. Which many other manufacturers lack in spades.

In reality, it is another channel I have found to get our name out in the world. It worked. Another mention on IPVM! (Oh, yeah!)

Notes from "Increasing IPVM exposure" brainstorming session

  1. Get DW Vanity License Plate - Done!
  2. Claim 0.0000001 lux full color imaging - Rejected - not shocking enough
  3. Create a ridiculous industry award ("the Doggie's") - On hold - because of new award glut
  4. Share IPVM logins on Twitter - Rejected - Could backfire
  5. Add heinous bug to cameras to allow remote access - On hold - Exploit code too buggy
  6. Create a line of DW branded apparel - Approved!
  7. Hire Bryan Schmode as HR Consultant - Rejected - Unexpected HR pushback
  8. License the name and likeness of prominent customer J.D. to create a "Signature Series" line of contractor apparel, aka, "DillaWear". On hold - Acquiring trademark


I never pay for manufacturer's shirts. When I pick up swag t-shirts at conventions from manufacturers, they are shirts I wear working in the yard, or on a motorcycle ride. It's not something I would wear to work or otherwise wear in public. As a consultant, imagine wearing a polo shirt from Manufacturer A on the day I get a surprise visit from Manufacturer B. Not good.

I would buy an IPVM shirt, and then just lurk around the Avigilon booth at shows.

even if DW gave them away free who will not be ashamed to wear them?

I wouldn't. They make a fine product at a fair price.

Do you like this one? Kind of a radical idea we had a while back. Targeting integrators, not end users.

Hi Peter. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to tell me why you have this opinion. We typically get good feedback about our products and service. If we failed you, please help us to make it right or learn what we need to do better. x283

We are talking about the shirts here. People dress to portray who they want to be seen as not for who they are. For example, A lot of people have bought and are happy with their Hyundai Accent. It provides a good value for the price but I am yet to see somebody wearing a Hyundai Accent T-shirt. On the other side, there a lot more t-shirts sold than cars like the Shelby GT500, Viper, Corvette(name your favorite muscle car here).

This is not a critique of the DW cameras/solutions which should offer fair value(cost vs performance) but the DW t-shirts.

@Ari I wouldn't. They make rebrand a fine product at a fair price.

The shirts or the cameras?

Who cares if it's a rebrand if it's well curated? Besides, the support is good, better than what you'd get from the OEM.

Hi Michael:

I get it. It is fun to bait and debate.

Because I openly identify myself as a DW employee, I will say this and then I probably should leave this thread alone. John would probably advise me to just shut up now, but you know how marketing people are...

Digital Watchdog has ownership interests in the manufacturing facilities of the cameras and recorders we sell. Because of this, we consider Digital Watchdog to be a manufacturer. The technical specifications that our U.S.-based executives and engineers define for the products are extensive, and the testing and requests for refinement by the same people here in Cerritos and in Tampa are also often extensive. By the time a product gets a logo placed on it, it has been manufactured to our specifications in factories we partially own. In addition, some assembly and configuration is done here in Cerritos.

I would ask you to please take a close look at almost any "manufacturer" today before labeling anyone as simply rebranding product. Please allow me to give you what I think is a related example: Did you know that in order for a "manufacturer" to legally claim a product is "Made in America," 51% of the component and assembly cost of the product has to originate in the U.S.?

Anyway, we claim to manufacture dependable products. Try them, you may like them. If you don't, it would help us to know why.

Mark x283

P.S. Yes, we are proud of our support personnel and of the fact that we have teams in both Cerritos and Tampa to serve our customers regardless of time zone.

Did you know that in order for a "manufacturer" to legally claim a product is "Made in America," 51% of the component and assembly cost of the product has to originate in the U.S.?

Considering the staggering cheap prices from China, just stamping your logo probably gets you close to that, no?

I've got some Tyco T-shirts from last year's ISCW. Marketing decreed everyone to dress "Silicon Valley startup-chic": jeans, Tyco t-shirt and blazer.

I'll sell them *really* cheap

@Mark and Ari I was referring to DW Spectrum / Nx Witness with my comment