Woshida IP Camera Tester Problem With Speco And Panasonic Cameras

We purchased 3 of the Woshida 7 Inch Touch Screen 1080P HDMI IP Camera Testers with the 4G TF Card IPC-8600 and they will not connect to new versions of Panasonic or Speco IP cameras. Has any anyone else purchased and used this unit? Have you experienced similar issues.
Is there tech support in the US or only is it only is China?

Maybe try the Dahua protocol since speco now OEMs them.

Thanks will try that for Speco. Still at a loss for Panasonic.

Marty - we bought one and tested it. You can view that test, here. We have that unit as well as a new Panasonic camera. I will test that tomorrow and reply back here. Hopefully you will get others to comment with insight as well - we have had a few discussions started on this unit, so I know that others are using it.

Thank You. Not certain If we need new version of software or user error. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

We are in communications with Woshida tech support and Woshida tech support is asking for APPs from Panasonic. I have requested APP's from Panasonic but no info as of yet. We have discovered the Woshida tester is an Android and I believe Panasonic is a windows based product.

Am I possibly stuck with these tester's that won't work with Panasonic?

one question Are these brand new Panasonic cameras out (or in) the box no new account created Yet?

I have had to log into the camera once set the new account and then login to the camera once for everything to start working on the camera.

This includes the Panasonic Security software tools as well.

Brand New Cameras unable to connect to the 6 series cameras.

Yes but did you create a an account first? then log in with the new account.

Even though active x isnt supported you still can view images in jpeg mode

I put out a discussion on this yesterday and did not hear back from anyone. I am also having issues with my IPC-8600. I can get into the menus of Hikvision and Digital Watchdog cameras but I cannot see the picture from the camera.

Marty - Do you have a number for Woshida for tech support.

Are you trying to use the browser? The test monitor doesn't support active X if that is what is required to view the video.

Thanks for responding Vincent,

I am using the Onvif HD application. Same issue with Rapid Onvif. I can get into the menus but I cannot view the cameras.

Still looking for any feedback on these Woshida Testers. It looks like it may have been a waste of time and money. The following is an email thread where we were communicating with China tech support

On Mar 5, 2017, at 7:03 PM, "tech-support@wsdcam.com" <tech-support@wsdcam.com> wrote:

Pls scan QR code of your IP cameras to get the APPs (Android version. APK files) and send them to us.

Jack could not locate any QR codes. Did find this:


On Mar 17, 2017, at 8:52 PM, "tech-support@wsdcam.com" <tech-support@wsdcam.com> wrote:

Dear Marty,We will send you the new APP in 1-3 days.

Best Regards Jack

From: tech-support@wsdcam.com [mailto:tech-support@wsdcam.com] Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 8:51 PM To: Marty Graves <Marty@sasfiretx.com> Subject: Re: Re: Woshida 7 Inch Touch Screen, http://security.panasonic.com/android/

Dear Marty,

Sorry for the delay. The new APP is as attached.

You can update the tester with it.

Best Regards Jack.

On Mar 23, 2017, at 8:02 PM, "tech-support@wsdcam.com" <tech-support@wsdcam.com> wrote:

Dear Marty,

The proper procedure is as below,

  1. Copy the IPC viewer files to the directory named “expandupdate” of the SD card, if no this directory, pls create a new.

2.Enter “IPC VIEWER”, click above small icon“update”,tips “whether update?”, Select and click “OK” ,after parsing the file select needed client to install

Best Regards Jack

Bottom line still not working, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.