Wodsee Stability

Does anyone has installed Wodsee ip cameras more than one year - I would like to know how stable they could be (my expectations to video quality is low and any improvements will be a pleasant surprise).

We tested Wodsee in 2014 and it wasn't great. Video quality was actually the least of the cameras' issues. It actually wasn't bad. But after a month of 24/7 use, we ended up with a stuck cut filter that would no longer switch so daytime video looked like this:

It's possible they've gotten better in the meantime, but we haven't heard anything about them from anyone.

Note: we also tested Cantonk and Longse more recently (2015) and they didn't have the same issues, but the web interface was generally bad/weird.

Is there a compelling reason you're looking at Wodsee? I'd guess because the price is low, but don't want to assume.

Thank You for sharing Your experience!

Yes, reason why I'm interested in Wodsee is price! I would like to find option for very low budget projects (I would say lower than Hikvision or Dahua is offering) where quality isn't primary and customer wants almost any picture for low costs. It also could be small premises with good lighting - almost any camera could handle this, question for what price and would it work also after few month.

Cantonk and Longse price level could be something similar or a little bit higher than Wodsee I guess. Can anybody suggest something else, but stable working from that range?