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Wireless Prox Card Readers?

I haven't had a customer ask this yet, but currently a majority of the ADA handicapped push buttons for door openners we install are wireless and battery powered; I did a little bit of web searching but as with most things access control related, you pretty much have to know what you're looking for, before you start searching.

Has anyone run across or used a battery powered, wireless prox reader? We typically use HID E400 Edge door controllers so it would only have to send the signal 10-15 feet to a receiver that we would wire to the reader input of the controller, just like the wireless pushbuttons. I have to think something like this exists. I am not looking for wireless/Wi-fi integrated locksets like the Assa Abbloy Harmony or Schlage AD-400 wireless units.

The standard answer I've gotten in response to the question is "use a mid/long range reader" instead of a wireless prox type.

In the past, there have been wireless modules that get added to standard readers, but they are typically expensive, introduce seconds of latency for card reads, fan security concerns (interception of data) and are not very common. With that out of the way, I will dig in to this question as well, and see if anything turns up.

Here's looking forward to other responses!

Thanks for the response Brian. Yeah I dont expect to many responses, I've never had someone ask about it, I was just thinking about how easy a push button wireless button install is, why isnt that an option for the reader too? It would be great for locations with pedestal mounted readers.

Simon Voss has one but I have no idea how it works or any experience with their systems. Seems very interesting though. Salto also might have one.

That Simon Voss looks interesting/nice but appears to be MiFare only... thanks Harris!

Protracid can be used in conjunction with any 26 bit readers for handsfree functionality check. Alternatively check Camden door controls or check Neatrol airkey.