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Wireless Elevator Control Kit Feedback?

Curious to know what the group thinks about wireless elevator control kits/applications. We have used the Schlage wireless kit a handful of times and it has worked reasonbly well. The tallest elevator shaft we have used it in is about 5 stories. It uses the same technology, frequency, etc. as the AD wireless locks (900Mhz).

In all instances, the solution presented signficant cost savings vs. the traveling cable option presented by the elevator company.

The equipment has been in use for anywhere from 1.5 years to 3 months - no meaningful maitenance issues have come to mind.

We have found that it goes best if you really lay out the scope for the elevator technician as needed (a good practice for any project!). In our experience, each of the 4-5 times we have done it, it is that elevator technician/sales rep's first experience with the solution, and they often tell the owner "be prepared for it not to work" but so far all have gone well.

This is good to read. In many ways, an elevator shaft makes for an ideal deployment for wireless equipment:

  • Clear line of sight
  • Heavy shaft construction that mitigates intereference
  • Does not change over time (a shaft doesn't change with the seasons)

The aspect of working with elevator sales rep/technicians is a worthy topic all it's own. Your experience may be the best example of a working relationship I've heard from the field. Most times, it seems like gaining them as cooperative allies is impossible. Those guys are just too busy or flat out don't care about working with other systems.