Wireless, Battery-Operated Camera Suggestions?

I used the search function first, in case this was something that comes up all the time. Forgive me if this is the 90th time the question has been asked. I didn't see anything since 2013 with the search function.

system- Ocularis

Need a wireless/battery operated camera (like a go-pro type camera) that a security guard or operations person could pull out of a drawer and walk around with it, while being remotely viewed by an engineer through our camera system.

I can handle the network part of this, but I'm at a deadend for hardware. Everything I'm seeing is retail level that requires an app or subscription streaming service, etc, that would then have to be installed on every engineer's device, just a nightmare.

Another problem I have is that when I DO find an Ocularis compatible wireless camera, it turns out to not really be wireless... still needs AC adapter.

Any suggestions?

What about something like a body-worn camera? I know IndigoVision and Panasonic makes them, just not sure of the WiFi part, or whether they're compatible with Ocularis. Good luck.

Yes, plenty out there with edge recording and battery operated, but video can only be uploaded to a PC or other device and viewed later. I need live streaming.

I know Genetec allows a mobile device (IOS or Android) with their Mobile app to push live video to Security Desk - I've done it, works great. Maybe Ocularis has a similar feature? If not, I'd be happy to help you convert ;-)

Take a look at Zepcam. They show a demo working with Milestone on their site and claim "ONVIF compatibility", but I don't see them on the conformance list.

That reminds me of another wrinkle.... moving off the Milestone version eventually.

I guess there's no way to really know without getting one and testing it. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will look into this....

Keep the other suggestions coming!

How much battery life do you need?

The short version is, I don't think that you are going to find an 'off the shelf' version of what I think you're looking for.

I'm hearing

-body worn


-live video stream

-able to be 'seen' by a normal VMS

I feel pretty confident that you're going to have to build it. Also, how good is your Wi-Fi saturation in the areas that your guard is going to be walking?

I think you are right. I've now pitched the idea of a portable AC power supply in a small backpack with one of the compatible wireless cameras attached to the shoulder strap. If approved, I'll be sure to post back the "solution".

Regarding wifi saturation, that will be a completely different can of worms. Even deploying more AP's, the electrical rooms (big data center) are going to offer EMI challenges. It will be tedious.

Most combination Wifi cameras I've seen run on 5v DC. You could just build a battery pack to plug into that. (it might run on 3 C cells). I've done similar projects. If your wifi is weak, turn the resolution and bit rate down. The video will get blocky but the bandwidth you need will drop

http://www.guardian8.com/ Not sure if this will do the trick but I have a friend (Security Manager for an insurance company) who outfitted all his guards with this & he loves it. I know it does video just don't know if it streams &/or if you have to pull the stun trigger to get it moving.

SeSys Torch Camera might be worth considering. US contact is Jake Cmarada, phone 202.870.6139.