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Wireless Alarm Zone Bridge

Does anyone make a wireless bridge that we can use on a alarm system? We have hardwired zones / devices on 1 side of the street that we would like to transmit to the other side and then break back out to hardwire. Currently using a old ITI wireless bridge on 1 side then all the hardwired devices on the other side wired to ITI crystal transmitters. I could replace with Inovonics if i want to keep the same setup. But really would like to have 1 wireless transmitter with 8 zones. I dont think the newer equipement like the resolustion products hardwire to wireless will have the range like the older ITI and thr Inovonics. Any suggestions or recomendations?

Hello Jonathan:

How much range do you need? What is the main panel type? Some brands support drop in modules, and it could be important.

Check out the new DSC PowerG Neo. The sensors will communicate upto almost 1 mile line of sight so across the street shouldn't be a problem.