Wireless Access Point For Direct Connect To IP Camera At Remote Site

Water utility district has approximately 50 sites with only a handful able to connect to their network. So they'd like to have a camera recording activity surrounding the ingress/egress points and we've put up a demo Bosch Starlight 720P dome camera with 32Gb micro SD card. Network cable is coiled inside an Axis polycarbonate enclosure that has a duplex outlet installed on unswitching power.

The customer does not want to pay for 50 separate connections so at this point they want to be able to go up to the egress point, wirelessly connect the laptop while inside car (rains a lot here), and access footage.

While we are an Aruba gold partner, the instant AP's are around $400-$500 our cost when accounting for labor and configuration.

My question is to see if anyone has a lower cost WAP that is reliable (minimal service calls) and has an external antenna option so that we can get the signal outside of the enclosure and extend the wireless range.

Thanks for any help!

Ubnt as options that will work for you.

Check out the PicoStation and Bullet

Even cheaper, use the NanoStation Loco series. We have mounted these INSIDE enclosures and they work just fine. About $60 per unit and simple setup.