Wire Twisting Tool?

Thru no fault of my own, I am faced with having to twist 256 stranded 28 gauge wires before inserting into a screw connector.

And although I can twist with the best of them, I can't help but think that there is some drill attachment thing that would do this really quickly.

Maybe with spring loaded jaws so you could do them fast. Anybody know of anything?

Those kept coming up when I was searching, but I didn't understand the mechanism, so I dismissed them.

The video was key!

Now I just need to get some that can work on small gauge wire.


How about simply placing the ends into the chuck of an electric hand held drill and slow spin?

I have and use the specialty pliers shown above also.

A drill works much better than this tool. And (assuming you have a drill) does not cost you anything.

When I worked car audio, we'd just use a drill to make multi-wire harnesses (mainly for alarm installs) - just put the end of them all together and crank down the chuck on them. Secure the other end to something solid, turn the drill slowly until they're all tight together... a quick tug secures them so they don't unwind again.

That worked well for 6-8 wires of 18-14 gauge... i dunno about 256 28-gauge though. Maybe you'd be better off doing them in bundles of 16 and then putting them into a terminal block.

As others have said, just stuff the chuck. I've seen it done many times.