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PSIM: Advancis Winguard - Any Feedback?

I’m a system integrator, trying to select a PSIM brand. I was introduced to winguard from Advancis, and according to their presentation they claim to be one of the first on the industry and are growing. I was expecting to read about them here, why is Wingaurd not on the PSIM's list tested on IPVM?

Has anyone tested Wngaurd? Any feedback in comparison to CNL and/or vidsys.

First, to clarify, IPVM has mostly avoided PSIM because (1) general low member interest and (2) lots of bullshit claims by the PSIM providers.

That we have not covered Advancis Winguard should be seen as a negative. Their name comes up infrequently but I do not take that as a sign of their quality (or not). The bigger issue for IPVM coverage is that the company is European and evidently mostly European focused, which means we (and a lot of our members) are less likely to run into them. They also, unlike their shady marketing competitors, seem to avoid making ridiculous claims.

In the past year, one member did recommend them here. While I did look at their website (including their product overview brochure) and it did not raise any red flags, I do not know enough to make a recommendation on them.

They have an office in our backyard in Tampa. They showed a demo of their interface; it was an impressive demo. They had software based virtual device interface that mimicked printers, firealarms, access panels, etc. Not that it couldn't be setup to give falsely give positive results, but still impressive and the interface looked pretty powerful and easy to use.

That's all the experiance I've had with it, though. And I don't really know much about other PSIM's. We haven't had a situation yet to use it.

As system integrators we have a fair experience with the platforms you are referring in Europe and Middle East. Advancis Winguard is a good platform for intergrating all sorts of security systems but also BMS, IBMS and Scada systems. Presently they do not offer some of the special features and functionalities found in CNL, Vidsys and Proximex but it is more efficient and practical in interfacing with 3rd party applications. Winguard has also a more efficient and flexible architecture when required to interface with very large number of sensors. Overall it appears as a more cost efficient platform in respect to installation, customization and maintenance. As with all the PSIM and similar platforms it is essential that the integrator should have a deep knowledge on the parameterization and customization of the platform he is installing and should be able to carry out to a good level interfacing development.

Undisclosed, thanks.

You mention, "Presently they do not offer some of the special features and functionalities found in CNL, Vidsys and Proximex" Any important ones that you can recall?