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What Access Control System Handles 100,000+ Card Holders And Integrates With Milestone?

I'm looking for a list of enterprise access control systems that run Windows SQL Server, can handles 100,000+ card holders and integrates with Milestone Corporate.

There are many. Those two specs really won't weed out very many systems, aside from small panel based systems. Even then, zeroing in on which SQL version support you need is likely more helpful, because there are quite possibly a hundred platforms that claim both of these attributes.

The big names like Lenel and Software House come to mind, but RS2, DSX, and many others also claim this.

We distribute an Enterprise-class integrated access control system called ProtegeGX by ICT that is capabale of doing 5 million users PER controller (with an unlimited number of users per server). By integrated I mean access control, alarm, video, wireless locking devices, elevator control, biometrics, photo-id, mustering, time-and-attendance and building automation (and other smaller features).

it runs on a number of different operating systems including Windows Server 2008 R2 and supports SQL Server 2008 R2 database (among other versions of SQL as well).

Information is available here:

If you have any specific questions, please let me know.

If I add a requirement for two-way communications to Milestone Corporate - I'm guessing the list is paired down dramatically - but it would be interesting to know if any remain.

ICT's ProtegeGX still remains - it is integrated with Milestone

See here: ICT | Video Management Systems

Hey Mark:

Please hold off on product recommendations until the OP better defines what he's looking for.


but that didn't stop you from throwing out Lenel, Software House, DSX and RS2 before I ever brought up our product, which met his defined specification without any issues.

Another question that should be asked: do they want to have 100,000 users on all controllers or in their complete site? That would filter down the capable products.

Mark, there's no objection for you to recommend your product once. Thanks.

If OP wants to know more about your product or any specific product, let him ask.

OP specifically asked one question in his/her original post, which I answered.

OP then specifically asked a second question in a second post, which I specifically answered. I did not volunteer anying other than his direct requests.

if you want this to be a monologue where only IPVM Admins can answer, then just say so, and I will keep reading your excellent site without contributing.

I do not believe I overstepped any boundaries in answering OP's 2 direct questions.

We already said you can recommend your product so your contention that this is "a monologue where only IPVM Admins can answer" is false.

What we don't want is individual vendors repeatedly recommending their product. Brian mentioned those companies just once, you can mention your companies just once.

So you are not helping your case. Please stop.

Ok, that's fair. I'll keep my advice to myself unless specifically asked by OP.

What does 'Two-way communications" mean? Voice? Intercom?

Cross-platform "integration" is a pretty ambiguous term. Lots of platforms claim cross-integration, but what you actually get is sometimes pretty meager and disappointing.

Again, drilling down to particular functions are needed, i.e.: Do you need Live Door Controls and Cardholder details integrated with Live View and Recorded Video feeds?

Glad you asked Brian. With Two-way communication, I would like to be able to send an access control system information related to recording server communication issues and other critical hardware based alarms to be displayed on the alarm screen. We do not use the alarm manager screen in milestone. Conversly, I'd like the access control system to send information to Milestone on forced doors, invalid attempts etc. On Milestone, we would then pop-up video and/or book video on these events. I would like to accomplish this without any hardwired I/O.

With integration that tight with Milestone, you may take a look at the Milestone Access Module and the associated partner access platforms.

A casual look at Open Options shows it might hit all your requirements (SQL/Number of Carholders/Milestone Integration)

However, others (Mark McRae, et al) may have other suitable recommendations.


You can check out infinias it matches many of the features you are looking (sql, unlimited cardholders) for... I am cloudy on the integration with the entire Milestone suite but do know they offer integration with Milestone XProtect... it may be something worth looking into...

good luck.

There are many companies that would build you exactly what you need.