Will You Upgrade To Windows 10?

This week, Microsoft started pushing free Windows 10 upgrade offers to some of our machines running Windows 8.1.

It's schedule for release on July 29th.

I've actually used a pre-release version of it and had no complaints, really. Those who hate the Windows 8 start screen will be happy it's gone, though the start menu is a bit more graphical than Win7, with some of the live tiles (which I never used anyway) integrated into it.

So, what do you think?

I am sure I will, but I will wait for Windows 10 Service Pack 2 to come out.

Being a contrarian, I'll skip a couple versions and then see what Windows 13 has to offer.

Microsoft claims that this will be the last numbered Windows version to be released.


Then, there will be automatic (forced) updates to new features, etc...

Get the free upgrade from Win 7/8.1 while you can!!

Microsoft claims that this will be the last numbered Windows version to be released.

That's good to know, I always get a little uncomfortable when version numbers go into double digits, like Chrome 43 for instance.

Anyway, the 'real' version number has been stuck at 6.x for some time now:

I tried Windows 8 for about 24hrs and went right back to Windows 7. For Windows 10 I've been using the technical preview on and off in a virtual machine and it's very much what win8 should have been. We were actually discussing internally today if we should tell everyone company wide to upgrade when the time comes. After testing all our internal productivity software we have decided to go for the plunge and do the upgrade company wide when it becomes available.

I'm in. I have a good feeling about 10 with the urban myths about alternating OS releases.

XP solid, Vista uhh, 7 great, 8 Uhh, 10 ???Free???Win

No, because VMS will have issues. As a comp engineer I know the quality of code my peers/college friends write. :)

Some of our guys are looking forward to it, as 8 has caused a few headaches. To the best of my knowledge, though, no one here has experimented with the pre-release version. It will definitely be interesting to see, but I think I'm with Mark Jones, and will probably wait a bit...

I plan on loading it on my work laptop, but on separate partition. I will dual boot until the time comes when it is clear that Win 10 is as good as Win 7 has been.

However, if this release sucks as bad as Win 8/8.1, Microsoft /should/ release SP2 for Win 7 and keep supporting it.

At home, yes I will install it the day I get it distributed.

At work, for those computers I actually have something to say about. No. I usually stay one release behind to make sure all my software works as it should. And for those that I don't have anything to say about (fall under our IT department).... well..... I'm still running Windows XP on my Pentium 4 with 3.0 Ghz with 3Gb RAMM (used to be 1Gb).... I think that alone says enough...

For those who hate Windows 8/8.1: why? I'm curious. Did it cause real development/performance headaches? Or is it just that you don't like the start menu being taken away?

I've actually gotten quite used to it and I launch programs faster on 8.1 than I ever did with a start menu.

Speaking only for myself of course, Windows 8 start bar, yes, but I got used to it. One of the small but ongoing issues I have is continually having to go back to the apps section to get access to commonly used items like the calculator or Paint, Wordpad, Notepad etc. That is not painful, just very annoying and a time waster. I am not a fan of the tiles; but that is just a personal thing. For me, it has actually performed pretty well; as well as Windows 7. Access to apps is a biggy for me. I have too many things pinned to the start bar as it is.

But don't get me started on O365. That is riddled with issues that I just hate. Not dislike, I hate them.

Mark, you should take a look at Start8 and Modernmix from Stardock. Stardock makes some great windows customization apps but those two do more than make it pretty, they address the poor functionality of Windows 8 when not using a touch screen.

Updated to 10 on my home box and office box. No major issues yet (knock, knock, knock on wood) EXCEPT the new MS Edge browser has no active x support so it cant be used to connect to most recorders. At least the ones we have sold (Hik OEM and another brand). Hik's iVms4200 however runs and I am able to use that to connect.

While I dont recommend upgrading to upgrade, if you are in support an upgrade of a machine or two is likely mandatory to see what works and what doesnt.

David, you beat me by about 40 minutes here! We just finished updating one test machine over lunch, which we use as a client/desktop workstation.

One issue on upgrade: NVIDIA drivers needed to be reinstalled with updated versions, and Windows 10 couldn't find them itself. But that was a 10 minute fix. My other beef is that my carefully sorted Start screen all got mushed into one catch all group on the Start Menu, but that can be fixed.

We've checked Exacq, Avigilon Control Center, Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, Axis Camera Companion, and more, and had no issues with clients not working.

Also David, at least on my machine, Internet Explorer is still available if you need it. It's in Start > Windows Accessories.

Hey Ethan, thank you for the IE tip. Very smart on MS's part to leave that hidden in there and it does still work fine. That is a bit of a relief. As to all the rest, look , feel etc I am still neutral. Decided I was going to jump on this early as I completely blocked Win 8 and the times I have had to support it were a little frustrating. At least until I realized that MS wanted everthing to feel like you were on the web and just search for it.

Good to know about the software you've tested as well thanks.

Here's to hoping this is the next solid OS from MS. *cheers

EDIT** Did you do a clean install or working on an upgrade? I know you have to upgrade first to secure your licensing but supposed to be able to go clean afterwards. Wondering if IE is there because it being an upgrade.

**Answered my own question about IE with a web search.

my philosphy is, upgrade because your customers are going to have windows 10 as well. may as well learn it

Unless you want to get away from win 8 (and who wouldnt!!??) you cant beat win 7 x64 as a bussiness machine... Its the next XP... :)

I upgraded to Win10 yesterday, and like it so far!

I never liked using the first version of an operating system. I would try Windoes 10.1 but there is no need. I do not use a touchscreen and all of my programs work fine on Windows 7. With that being said, I rarely use my tablets but use I do my laptop all of the time. I might I might very well get a Microsoft Surface to replace them both. In that case I think I will be stuck with Windows 10.1.

No. With this caveate. Never say never. :-)

Simply don't trust MS to be up front. Example. The recent upgrades on my WIN7 machines were not all secruity issues. They have been loading them with WIN 10 grease in prep for my (assumed) upgrade. One example:



Looks like the manditory WIN 10 upgrades can be delayed. How long?


My philosophy? "The computer should work for me. Not I, it!"

Bacically I bought these "TOOLS" to do MY bidding. Ergo make things easier for ME. Having to spend the time to learn the 'New and Improved' breaks productivity and seldom get back up to par with the new. :-(

Bottom line. Not an upgrade, but purchase a new piece of hardware preloaded with WIN 10. With any warranties. In a reasonable time frame that allows for the 'dust' to settle.

Or not. Chuckle

I just received the notification that one of my machines can be updated. I may be odd but I don't click the agree button on the EULA until I read it. I am still wading through the privacy section and am quickly realizing why Windows 10 is free. When you don't have to pay for software you can expect to become a product. I am sure I will be able to find a way to turn off default "tracking/data collection" settings and be comforatable using it.

I just upgraded an old notebook that I had previously upgraded from 7 to 8 which I had customised to look like 7. I was never really have with the upgrade with performance issues etc. Tried 10 as it is free and am most surprised. Now all is good like I had bought a new notebook. In my case definitely worth it. I will test it on all my CCTV stuff and then upgrade my other PCs & notebooks.

Will first load a clean install on a test unit to check it out. The Windows 7's start button still better. I noticed in windows 10 you can right click on the start botton and this allows access to critical admin tasks. Not so sure I would like to give everyone this type of power. I heard it is very fast. Time will tell I guess.

WARNING!!!! I did some experimenting with Windows 10 over the weekend and found an issue that I'm sure some people here will run into.

If you're running a VPN Client App (I had the issue with the SonicWall Global VPN Client), you must uninstall it PRIOR to the Windows 10 upgrade. Otherwise, the network adapter will stop working.

I tried uninstalling it in Windows 10 (big mistake), but it did not fix it. Rolling back to Windows 7 did restore the network adapter, but at that point, Windows 7 thought SonicWall was still installed, and nothing that I've been able to do so far has changed that (can't completely uninstall, can't reinstall, can't find anything in the registry, etc.).

I did read that Windows 10 has issues with existing VPN Clients, so I don't think it's isolated to SonicWall. I wish I read it before trying to install, but, oh well. I hope this helps someone out there. I'll post an update if/when I get it working before losing interest.

This is a good observation. The Win 10 update wrecked the Sonicwall VPN Client on my machine also. It's not a showstopper if you use an appliance, but it appears you're hosed if you rely on the software connector.

Dell published a messy hack to get Mobile Client to appear in the connection options box.

For my personal computer, yes.

At work, not yet.

Well the little updating program that installed itself on my Toughbook when i brought it home from site promised me all the riches of win 10.... i waited patiently (my birthday even went by!)...the little program kept crashing right at the wrong time... then it told me win 10 was ready to download and to make a time.... I took my Toughbook home again and thought 'We'll give this a go...'. It downloaded then after about an hour of 'installing win 10.... please be patient' ..... i got 'cannot install win 10 as primary partition cannot be accessed' (a toughbook traight if you clone one ive found it has to be via a network drive usually same with restoring, upgrading over the top of or cloning to a USB disk doesnt seem to work) and that was that.

Kind of glad it fell over as i said previously win 7 x64 is the next xp so why would you move from it..!??!?!

Regardless of this and/or any negative windows experience .... it sure beats the hell out of any mac rubbish!!! :)

Two nice things in Windows 10 I picked up last night.
New improved cmd. You can go full sreen and you have a better font.
Also the startup programs can now be accessed from the task bar, so easy to stop unwanted stuff slowing the startup. I guess you can add you own in there but I did not check that out.

It really is a big improvement to Windows 8.1.

If you have a decent graphics card with at least 4GB of RAM I would recommend the upgrade.

I don't know of many gamers with a graphics card that has 4GB of RAM, let alone a standard desktop or laptop PC.

Sorry I meant 4GB of normal system RAM with a decent graphics card.

I recently purchased a new Ultrabook to support field demo's and generally have less weight than my trusty 17" class Win 7 x64 laptop. The new Dell arrived with Win 8.1 it did not take long to understand some of teh user frustration, reminded me of Vista. I had a licensed insatll of 3xLogic Vigil server on the Ultrabook which seemed to handle it fine for field demonstrations. My Win 10 upgrade arrived after the VMS install I wondered if it woudl blow up the install, I am pleased to say it did not so I have one of my favorite VMS engines still operating fine on W10. I do appreciate the new layout whcih is a bit more like W7 as far as teh start button goes. So far so good...

Everything I'm seeing about Win10 shows an insane amount of backchannel communications to MSFT. As in almost constant outbound traffic, especially for searches, program launches, etc.

I don't see anything in Win10 that offers such a significant improvement that it's worth all the privacy holes.