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Will There Be A Framerate Race?

Will there be a framrate race? Lots of 45 fps and 60fps @ 1080p products out there...Thoughts?

No, no framerate race. Everyone's getting 60fps for 'free' with new imagers so they are including it.

I am sure there will be some marketing around it and some specmanship ('minimum 60fps required') attempted but it does not solve a mainstream need.

See: 30 vs 60 FPS Shootout

I hope not. I'd rather see efforts put into improving quality and efficiency, since most deployed framerates seem to be between 5FPS to 15FPS for recording and 30FPS is enough for live.

How many of your systems now are recording at 30fps? I'd guess very few.

15 to 30fps offers almost no benefit in normal applications. Customers requesting 30fps usualy do so due to poor understanding of technology, "legal" video, and myths about the human eye.

30 to 60+fps video will offer no use in 99% of common systems, and as John said, it's there because of natural technology advancements in sub-components, not due to strong market demand.

If you see a product where the most noteworthy feature is 60fps video, I'd keep walking.

Anecdote: One of the first steps we'd take as an integrator 'taking over' an account from someone else is reduce framerates invariably set to 30 FPS and reduce them to 7.5 or 8 FPS.

Instant change in how many days of video a system could record and keep, with no discernable change in video quality. The brand new customer would look at us with admiration and fear that we knew powerful secrets.