One 4k Camera Replaces Four HD Cameras!

Panasonic has announced the WV-SFV781L, a 4k varifocal fixed dome. The Panasonic claim? Panasonic 4K camera offers the image quality and coverage of four full HD cameras ...and a view nine times greater than 720p cameras.

Apparently the 4x is rounded up from 3.3x, as is implied here:

A 50,000 square meter car park would require a total of 70 HD cameras to provide effective coverage, whereas it would only require 21 Panasonic 4K cameras; that’s significantly less hardware to manage and maintain.

Is 4K=4HD the next big pitch?

How soon before hungry installers will morph it into the cannabalistic "Replace 4 HD cameras with one 4K camera!", in an attempt to retrofit existing HD sites?

And although 4k technology is at the high-end of security camera spectrum, it may be the best weapon against the ultra-low end, Analog HD. Because even if 4 TVI cameras still cost less than 1 4k IP camera, you can also add in the fixed cost of having three extra cable runs, three times the install labor, three more channel inputs, mounting brackets, (three more ladders) etc...

Which could make the $ a little closer in a Hikua 4k vs. Hikua AnalogHD battle, no?


That's a small portion of Avigilon's May 2015 investor deck.

In general though, 'my camera replaces X of your camera' marketing pitches has gone down substantially in the past few years. The main practical counters have been limitations in low light performance, WDR performance, waste of the higher pixel counts on areas not needed, incorrect angles for the targets you want, etc.

That said, the 3x lower install costs argument might do well for large outdoor areas, but it won't have any impact for the majority of cameras indoors or covering small areas right in front of buildings.

Also, 4K has their own threat to deal with - multi-imager cameras.

Oh, good, we haven't had a one-of-my-cameras-can-beat-up-fifty-of-your-cameras session in a while.