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Will Cities Call For More Surveillance Cameras To Combat 'KNock-Out Game' Attacks?

Almost every day, it seems a new victim is attacked.

But should cameras even be proposed?

Can they really do anything except change the location chosen by the punks doing this?

Is the 'Knock-Out Game' even a real thing - and if it is a real thing, is it a new real thing?

Should these punks be buried up to their necks in ice so anyone who wants to can practice their slapshot?

Sidebar: Feel free to chime in RE: arming seniors with guns, etc...

Although it may sound self serving as we all work for this industry, I do feel having more cameras will reduce crime or at least enable justice to be served after a crime has been committed, thus reducing crime in the long run. I am from Taiwan and our capital city of Taipei had installed a city wide surveillance camera system a few years back. The mayor of Taipei then made a commercial (probably for his own political gains) stating how the rate of solving robbery cases had gone from 30~40% to 100%.

I take the numbers he gave with a grain of salt but I do believe the surveillance system has definitely helped in solving crimes.


Can you expand on the Tapei system? How many total cameras? 13,000+? All MP or?

Wireless? Wireline? Any sense of the infrastructure cost? In the US, typically these projects become immensely expensive because of having to lay fiber or implement complex / fragile mesh wireless systems.

I wasn't involved with this project so I'll find someone who knows the details to respond.

Mr. Siriwalothakul,

Thank you for the funny video about something your company did, if not any type of response related to my OP.

I have a theory about surveillance cameras and crime too. It goes like this:

"Surveillance cameras prevent crime, like umbrellas prevent rain."

That said, unless every square inch of public space in The Happy City is under the watch of your companies cameras lenses, and maybe they all are, I was primarily asking about cities who would use this knock-out game as a rallying cry for more surveillance...

Sidebar: Do they play the knock-out game in The Happy City?