Will Any Of The HD Analog Formats Work With An Analog Matrix?

Has anyone tried to test the HD analog formats (AHD, TVI, CVI) with an analog Matrix such as a Pelco/Vicon/Panasonic, etc?

From information I have gathered the first rendition of AHD (known as AHD-L) was supposed to be compatible with matrices and other SD analog equipment. But I suspect that AHD-L is really just 960H or 1280H and not really HD. AHD-M (720p) and AHD-H (1080p) are the others and seem to be real HD and I was wondering if a regular analog Matrix will pass the signal through.

Any info or comments?


I have not heard of the terms AHD-L, AHD-M, and AHD-H. From speaking with Nextchip, they describe their offerings as 960H (legacy SD+), AHD1.0 (720p) and AHD2.0 (1080p). I think your terms match with those. Assuming so, AHD-L / 960H, is an NTSC / PAL signal so it should integrate with any traditional matrix switch and display as a conventional 4:3 SD analog feed.

Since the true HD analog formats use a different format / signaling, I do not think they will work with traditional analog matrix. That said, I am going to ask Pelco for comment and will report back.

Even if the Matrix supported the signal, the matrix outputs would need to go a HD Analog Monitor.

I agree with John that an old-school Pelco Matrix Mixer won't work. It might pass some signal but not much. Because the best specs I see are capable of passing no more than a 15Mhz signal. The Analog variants, AFAIK, require around 75Mhz.

On the other hand, unlike magical format converters who must account for specific high-level protocol differences, a switcher with the right electrical characteristics should be able to accommodate all analog CCTV formats, including NTSC, PAL, 960H, 1280H, AHD, CVI, TVI, without sleight of hand.

Aliexpress shows a couple of early attempts at just such a switching matrix, here's one touted as 120 Mhz capable and CVI/AHD/CVBS compatible:

Also, I'm not convinced that HD Analog Monitors are the only possible destinations. One might dup a stream for recording, or perhaps have one be placed in front of a HD encoder driving HDMI monitors.

"I'm not convinced that HD Analog Monitors are the only possible destinations."

Not the only, but monitors are the most common matrix output.

In the good old days multiplexers were installed and controlled by the matrix. With the cost of HD DVR's I could see one at each monitor. 16 outputs could be mapped to the DVR and then the Camera View (1/4/8/9/16) could be managed by the switch using serial or network control to the DVR like they did with the MUX. Decode/Local Record. Just a thought. Old Matrix could have new life with updated boards. The HD DVR's accept SD and HD.