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Will A Balun Work With A Repaired Cut Cat5e Cable?

When using a balun to convert coax to cat5e cabling, will it still work if you use clips to connect a cut CAT5e cable?


You should be OK here. The key is getting rid of extra slack in the wire and maintaining the "twist" in the CAT5E to prevent interference like Carl mentions. The real headache is keeping it straight and neat, out of the way, etc... Too many of those kind of splices in your punch downs, and it starts to look sloppy and temporary.


For analog-over-UTP? Yes. I've found that almost any type of splice will work for that application. In fact, we use Telco "beans" and UG connectors all of the time - often running one 4-pair from the punchdown block to a central location and splicing individual pairs from separate 4-pairs for the last few feet to each of up to four cameras.

If you want to be safer, just make certain you maintain as much twist as possible on the spliced wires.

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