Will 4k Cameras Consume More Bandwith?

I know the higher the megapixel the camera is the more bandwith it will consume, I am wondering if this stands the same for 4K.

We have tested (3) 4K cameras so far: test results from Axis, Bosch and Dahua.

So far, bandwidth increase seems relatively low for 4K over 1080p.

Here's an excerpt from the bandwidth section in the Dahua report:

And here is an excerpt from the Bosch report:

Outdoors, viewing passing cars on a busy roadway, the NBN-80122's bitrate is again higher than the 4K P1428-E. In this scene, however the 5MP NBN-80052 is highest, in part due to details in darker areas of the scene which other cameras did not display.

So far, we have been surprised that the increase in bandwidth for 4K has not been significant. That said we have only tested 3 cameras so as more come out, the results could differ.