WiFi Video Is More Secure, Qsee Claims

Shockingly, QSee is claiming wifi video is more secure than wireless, with the hashtag #didyouknow:


Why? No wires to cut!

This argument strikes me similar to claiming horses are more fuel efficient than cars because they use less gas.

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dont worry you can always just pull the plug in transformer in the nearest outlet since its "wireless"

( I have seen this more than once)

"Boss, I don't see no wires, do you?"

"You know what that means? Dummy cams!"

Wow. Dummy cams are the most secure of all.

True. They almost never malfunction.

I hate it when the blinking light goes out on a dummy cam and need an advance replacement or warranty repair...

First off, most, if not all wireless cameras have a power wire.

Secondly, assuming their wireless is standard WiFi, I could "cut their cord" without needing a pair of snips. Heck, I don't even have to be physically near the camera to "cut the cord".