WiFi Onvif Compatible Camera That Can Fit In An Elevator Housing?

I have someone who wants cameras in an elevator . There are no coax cables in the traveler cable, so they want to try wifi. Is there a wifi capable onvif compatible camera that would be able to hook up to a standard NVR that would fit in an elevator camera housing?


As the elevator tunnel form a direct LOS (line of Sight) , you can probably consider a PTP wireless link from the lift motor car to the lift motor room.

Here's what your asking for I believe:

But I would say that you won't really have any idea if this will work until you get it on site. Built in wireless is an iffy proposition in standard deployments, let alone ones where the transmitter is moving.

Agree with U1, seperate PTP wireless gear would be the most reliable and give you more options for the camera as well.

Find the light circuit breaker of the elevator. Its Always separated from the controls usually on the emergency panel (generator). Have a outlet installed on that circuit at the breaker panel. Find yourself a internet over power adapter Net Gear or an even better an industrial version.

Most elevator cars I have worked with already have an outlet near the controls on the top of the car tied into the light circuit.

If this isn't expensive enough for your client there are several companies offering a complete solution in a box.

you can use any onvif camera with this solution.