Why Are There No 2MP WiFi Bullet Cameras?

Hi, I have a customer wanting an outdoor 2MP IP bullet camera with wifi. They have power at the camera location but no possibility to run other cables.

How come there is nothing in the IPVM list of cameras? I am suspecting the answer is partly down to the unreliable transmission medium that wifi provides?

This being the case, I was wondering if anyone has experience of using Powerline Ethernet outside? Does anyone know of a weatherproof Power line adapter?

So I suppose I am asking two questions:

Can anyone recommend a wifi 2MP bullwet IP camera?

Or suggest a weather proof Powerline Ethernet device.

Thanks in advance,



You need to take that up with the manufacturers! :)

Here's a 3MP bullet from Brickcom, just added to the Camera Finder. Here are 14 cameras that are 2MP and support wireless (including that 3MP Brickcom bullet).

In general, there are very few IP cameras with embedded WiFi and those tend to be cubes for consumer use. Yes, a big factor is that embedded WiFi has reliability concerns, especially if you are trying to do more than go across a room.

Normally, what people use is low-cost wireless radios (like Ubiquiti, see Favorite Wireless Video Surveillance 2014) and connect them to whatever camera they prefer.

Powerline is not very commonly used in surveillance, so I am going to refrain on offering anything specific. However, this post, Powerline Networking for Surveillance Overview and this discussion Have You Used Powerline Networking For IP Cameras? may help.

Does it have to be a bullet? Hikvision has a handful of Wifi outdoor dome cameras.

Dahua has a 2MP Wifi bullet.

Have not used it.

We tested this Dahua camera in our offices and I got reliable transmission (no disconnection over 4 days) at 75 feet distance. Nice camera!

Thanks, I will take a look at this.