Why Would Anyone Work At Dahua USA?

Dahua USA is growing, as we reported earlier this year in their planned massive American expansion. LinkedIn shows 20+ employees in the US but few with relevant industry experience.

From speaking with people who interviewed with Dahua for US positions, they were not impressed. Besides below market pay, they saw a lack of planning to deal with the critical channel / OEM / China resale issues that plagues them in selling their own branded products. Equally important, Dahua USA is being led by an individual from Dahua corporate with no industry experience nor connections in North America.

One cringeworthy example of Dahua's inability to adapt is their continued English illiteracy. Here is an excerpt from their most recent job posting:

"Cooperate with the Marketing, for Dahua, propaganda Dahua technology and concept to the customer, the spirit Dahua products, help customers to better understand Dahua market, at the same time get more feedback from the market."

The good news is they hired a US marketing manager, who we hope is embarrassed by their ongoing inability to write coherent English.

Much like Western companies trying to expand into China, Chinese companies need to domesticate themselves coming into the US.

Dahua continues to struggle with this and until they correct it, it is hard to imagine many top security professionals seriously considering Dahua.

I got a headhunter call on a job with them. Makes me wish I had looked in to it, just for the high humor probability.

Dahua, with its secure, self-motivated and controllable national innovative ability, will firmly keep on securing for the safety of our homeland. PR release

Self-motivated national innovative ability, and controllable to boot!

I have no idea what that means. Btw the new DahUSA marketing hire originally came from the tobacco industry, as a brand manager for Lucky Strikes and Pall Mall, etc. Talk about damage control...