Why No IR On Most Mini-Domes?

In doing research on mini-domes available, it seems most do not offer built in IR. Is this OK for most customer use cases? Aren't there a lot of indoor deployments where rooms have no lighting?

The assumption there strikes me as incorrect, though it depends on what you mean by 'mini' and 'a lot of'

For example, our Camera Finder returns over 50 mini dome cameras with integrated IR. Expanding into to include mini and small returns over 170 matches.

Note: we use our own size measurement system and do not depend on manufacturer marketing claims to determine what is mini.

1, where are you not finding IR mini-domes? Certain product lines or?

Thanks for the reply.

I should have added that I am looking at indoor mini-domes. Using the camera finder, the number goes down to 9, with 4 of the Dahua versions being very similar.

My understanding is that a lot of these outdoor rated IR minidomes are being used indoors. They are certainly small enough to do so and it does not add that much cost or complexity so many manufacturers just make IP66 rated minidomes that are used both indoors and outdoors. Yes/no?