Why Is ADI Offering Discounts On Bikes, Diamond Rings And Applebee Gift Cards?

Any explanation would be helpful:

I see the value of discounts or rebates or rewards directly on products purchased, like buy 20 Honeywell cameras, get a free Honeywell recorder, etc.

It's less clear to me the attraction of discounts on bicycles or diamond rings.

Are any of you taking advantage of this or?

ADI is your one-stop shop!

Do installers not ride bikes or enjoy the delicious cuisine of Applebee's as well?

Is Radio Shack still in business?

That 25% from FTD for Mothers Day looks good.

John, I believe there's a lot of attraction, that is if you want to save MORE on products and services from OTHER companies outside of security.

My guess is that those guys over there at ADI value their relationship with their customers and probably just wanted a way to show their appreciation and help us save money. And now exclusively over at ADI, the More Discounts Program can offer us savings opportunities on everything from insurance and electronics, to car rentals and theme parks, from travel and financial services to theaters and sporting events, and so much more, I think.

The way I see it is that they are basically offering us a new way to shop and save on the products and services we are buying every day anyway right?

So get out ahead of Mother's Day this time with their FTD coupon, or grab that new iPhone, or maybe you want to spend some quality time with your family; then take advantage of their deeply discounted Mayweather-Pacquiao ringside seat time-share package, it's awesome and only at ADI, I bet.

Bottom line John, the opportunities are pretty much endless! I suggest that you sign into the ADI website and visit it regularly so you don’t miss any of their exciting offers.

You plagiarized ADI's over the top blog post. I am not sure that's fair use unless you are claiming parody :)

Well, I was certainly hoping he wasn't serious...

Yeah, satire. Although, as far as ADI parodies go, it pales in comparison to Weird Al's own classic EP collection of Disty Ditties. You know the one where he starts by out mocking their value proposition and discounting structure, finally ending up by lampooning their unsavory direct sales model:

  1. "Man in the Middle", Michael Jackson
  2. "$19.99", Prince
  3. "We Will Stock You!", Queen
  4. "Dirty Deals, Done Dirt Cheap!", AC/DC

...man, the ADI Marketing department hates you so much right now...

You really had me there especially the part about valuing their relationship with customers.

incentives don't really grab my attention, especially when they are to third parties... i would be more easily interested if I earned deeper discounts on frequently purchased products rather than applebee's gift cards... of course I am not all people and I am sure many people love the ADI discount program...

They are offering discounts on random items as thier security pricing is so high they started feelimg guilty.

I have seen electrical supply houses selling security equipment.

Amazon sells security equipment & everything else.

Why shouldn't ADI Sell other products??


Lou Marrero

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